You Are Suck
About this time, a group of 6 Russian members in The Syndicate quit the guild to form their own. Over time tensions grew and a war broke out. A very lopsided war to be sure. It progressed for some time with the other guilds bases being taken over each time they placed new ones and eventually they left UO.

In the mean time a funny Syndicate phrase was born: "You Are Suck." The story goes something like this: One day one of the Russian players emailed The Syndicates guildmaster. Mad about recent lost fights and the loss of their bases, he proceeded to cuss out the Syndicate GM. He concluded his message with what a blunt statement "You Are Suck". It was funny to read and funnier still when shared with the whole guild. It stuck and has become a catch phrase ever since.

This same player, seeing that he didnt get a response from his insults fired off additional emails and really tried to offend us this time. Dragons is the name of The Syndicate guildmaster and he thought he would really hurt our feelings by informing us 'Dragons isnt really a dragon in real life.' Quite a shocking statement there :) that once again led to a good laugh at his expense. Sensing he wasnt going to win that verbal battle he tried one last time to outwit the guild with the brilliant statement 'Dragons doesnt really live in a castle in real life.'

On that comical note, the war with the Russians drew to a close and they faded from the UO scene and into history.

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