The Syndicate Turns 7 Years Old!!
March of 2003 marks the 7 year anniversary of the online gaming guild known as The Syndicate. Founded back in early 1996, The Syndicate was formed around the principles of friendship, teamwork, mature play, professionalism and that every member is important to the team. Turning 7 is a significant milestone in its history and one they are very proud of.

More than 525 members large and spanning multiple gaming worlds, The Syndicate has succeeded in every endevor its undertaken. Known throughout the gaming world, The Syndicate has assisted in the design and testing of some MMORPGs. Recently they began a yearly tradition of a guild "World Conference". The first one attracted nearly 100 members and the 2003 conference will be even larger than that, shattering previous records for a single guild gathering.

In the online gaming world, the average guild size is around 20 members with an average lifespan of 3-6months. Over the course of the past 7 years, literally hundreds of thousands of guilds have risen and fallen. Less than .001% ever reach the 7 year mark so this is a milestone that The Syndicate is proud to have reached. In addition, doing so while maintaining a membership of over 525 members, in multiple gaming worlds, with the same Guildmaster for all those years simply adds to the significance of the anniversary.

Despite a huge number of members, The Syndicate has a very selective process for joining. More than 4,000 applications are received each year but with more than 75% of the guild having been a member for more than a year, a very small percentage of those applicantions are accepted. Recruiting only people they know and have adventured with, The Syndicate maintains not only its large size but also its unity, team focus and friendship between members.

So with the marking of this 7th year of existance as a successful gaming guild, The Syndicate looks forward to many more years and the chance to meet and adventure with many other fine guilds and players in the gaming world. As the MMORPG world continues to develop and mature, The Syndicate plans to be there supporting it and exploring the new worlds that are created.

Long Live The Syndicate!

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