SyndCon 2022

The 21st annual SyndCon event took place in Pigeon Forge, TN in late July and early August of 2022. Members from all over the US and the world attended and due to the nature of the resort we were staying in, many families came along to enjoy the fun. Pigeon Forge offered something for everyone from shows to hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains to a ton to restaurants to lots of activities for groups to engage in. While the world is still recovering from Covid-19, and travel is still down, things were starting to pick back up this year.

As is customary at SyndCon, we also unveiled our latest artwork. This one fuses the online gaming community (using characters from a number of prior pieces of art) with the strong tabletop community that exists within the guild. The fusion reinforces that we do not exist for a game or even for gaming in general. Rather, we are a team of friends who has a shared hobby and interest in gaming. We use games, of different types, as a way to build and grow friendships. From CEOs to Lawyers... To Doctors to Truck Drivers... To housewives to IT geeks... From all over the world... The Syndicate is a truly diverse community where 'who' you are as a person is what matters and where people who never would have met each other otherwise, have come together to form deep, lifelong friendships in many cases. SyndCon is one way we reinforce those friendships. Gaming and tabletop gaming are others.

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