Alienware Hardware Testing
In early 2011, we sent a Syndicate team to the Dell campus in Austin Texas to do product testing/reviews for Alienware. The cutting edge technology that they did see, touch, evaluate and give feedback is confidential but needless to say it was some cool ideas.. some of which we felt would work well.. some of which we didn't. The real question is whether Alienware felt like they got value from our help above and beyond what they could get normally. Alienware said: "Hats off to The Syndicate, you all definitely lived up to your reputation. You knocked out what normally takes the usual group hours in little over 1 hour. You definitely know this material and get it quickly. Normally we get a group this size and only 3-4 of the 10 actually get engaged and provide valuable feedback. The rest will sit quietly to collect their compensation. This entire room was highly dynamic with feedback from everyone which was great!"

Alienware is a strategic partner of ours and we are glad to provide assistance in this area. Sessions like these will be taking place all over the US in the months ahead as we continue to support Alienware's hardware designs of the future.

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