Dungeons & Dragons - Season 4

When Dragons was first approached about adding D&D as a Syndicate game, there was a fair amount of skepticism that accompanied the approval. However, as year 3 winds down with dozens of members participating and having a great time, year 4 looks like it will continue the trend of success. There are lots of small D&D groups, all playing through one large campaign that culminates in a final scene during SyndCon each year. Members that perhaps never played another game together, come together and get to know one another through D&D. It is not all that different than online gaming although the 'roleplaying' aspect is not typically something that factors into the online world. Regardless, Monk and ChuWii did a great job leading Seasons 1-3 and as Monk takes over the sole helm going into Season 4, there are high hopes for years more of continued success.

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