QualComm Releases New Router Technology
It was back in 2012 when The SYndicate worked with Qualcomm to deploy some test routers to about 50 people around the US and Canada. They injected the routers into their network and those devices helped Qualcomm collect critical data to build out technology that they are about to go public with. The technology was to help packet-shape the traffic on home networks. The idea was that if you were playing Call of Duty while someone else in the household was streaming videos over the same connection, your COD packets would get higher priority so you wouldn't lag out and die. The early prototypes collected data. Then they evolved into basic packet shaping. And then finally they resulted in a robust product with the technology they named Streamboost. The Syndicate played a key role in helping to collect the data, test the technology and provide feedback on installation, UI and how it performed in real world conditions.

Our friends at Qualcomm reached out to me and shared a few links to articles about their technology.

Streamboost Explained: http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/lanwan/lanwan-features/32143-vendor-view-streamboost-explained

Article about the D-Link Routers: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Link-Gaming-Router-Announced-Pre-Orders-Available-From-Newegg-56818.html

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