PAX East 2011
In March 2011, The Syndicate attended the PAX East event in Boston, MA. Ten Syndicate members grouped up and had a great time for three days at the convention. Our primary reason for attending was to support 38 Studios. We are partnered with them in the development of Reckoning (their single player RPG) and Copernicus (the code name for the MMO). This PAX was their unveiling of Reckoning combat and in game play to the world. The unveiling went awesome! It was pretty cool to see features that we had suggested during our testing being some of the features that garnered big applause from the crowd.

While we were at PAX we spent time meeting with our friends and other groups we have done work for or are doing work for including the Bioware SWTOR team where we are both testing and writing the strategy guide; the Rift/Trion team for whom we tested and who some of the team are members of ours; the UTV team for whom we are testing Faxion; the KingsIsle team that we have upcoming testing on their seKreT new project; Alienware with whom we have a strategic partnership; Bigfoot with whom we also have a partnership and our friends at MMORPG.COM and

PAX turned out to be a huge success for us including the forging of several new relationships with both hardware manufacturers and software developers that are already opening new doors for the guild.

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