Dark Legends
The Syndicate's relationship with Spacetime Studios goes back several years to the initial development of their first title. Spacetime builds MMOs for mobile devices (iphones, androids etc..). They engaged The Syndicate to help them in that development effort.

Mobile game develop is a more rapid, more agile process that takes place over weeks or a few months rather than over years like PC based MMO does. That means that feedback can be seen to impact the game very rapidly. Patches often come out weekly and are often major in size. Thus feedback given one week can be reacted to and implemented the next week and our consultants can see those results very fast. That kind of process is very rewarding for the team that is involved.

The Syndicate provided several dozen people using a wide range of devices and were able to help with technical issues (such as installation and configuration) as well as game issues like interface design, balance, bugs, general gameplay enjoyment etc..

We are definitely looking forward to working on Spacetime's next project.

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