SyndCon 2020

The 19th annual SyndCon event took place in Orlando in August of 2020. With Covid-19 it was a different kind of year. The hotel would not allow for cancellation since the Florida governor refused to close the state. Instead, an infectious disease doctor provided health governance and set of space suitable for well over 1000 people, hosted an attendance of closer to 100 members and guests for five days of gaming, feedback sessions, product demos and more. Social distancing was in place at all times. Masks issued to attendees. And more remote activities occurred for those unable to attend. No attendees became infected during the event. SyndCon is the single, best event we do as a community as it pulls a highly diverse group of people together, from all over the world, puts faces to names and in doing so dramatically enhances the shared hobby (online gaming) that the members share. Special thanks to Dell/Alienware for their support and to the many other developers who make the annual raffle happen.

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