The Blue Team
Syndicate pvp began very informally and it matured as OSI put more of a system in place to define good and evil and right and wrong (at least within their rules and definitions). Our first stab at getting more organized were what we called the blue team and the red team. The red team was very short lived and was composed of several members whos made a char for pvp, made it red so that it could freely engage guilds like OO. At this time, as said above, NPKing was rapant. You could EV anyone and take no hit. OSI soon fixed this so our red team went away as there was no need to hunt OO and the NPKs.

The blue team however persisted and grew. It began slowly and with little in the way of structure or anything. This led to anyone with a sword who wanted to jumping into the team and dying to better trained and better skilled enemies.

Slowly, over time, we adapted and expanded things with the team. We put in place a guildstone (called ADG (Arx Draconis Guard) at first and its now called TSG.. The Syndicate Guard) to allow us to declare wars on other enemy guilds. We put in place some basic skill requirements to ensure members had the skills needed to survive on the battlefield. And we began to train more together.

This led to a complete turnaround in pvp. In the beginning we had members of low skill getting killed on the blue team. Then we advanced to the middle stage where we had massive numbers of medium skilled people that would take out enemies sometimes with skill, sometimes by sheer weight of numbers. Finally with the advent of our TSG generation, we advanced to the final stage of highly skilled pvpers. Pvpers who can go 1:1 with an enemy and emerge victorious and who can also work well together in both small and large teams.

Syndicate pvp has come a long way and has become an integral part of the guild complimenting the merchants and the dungeon hunters and the great many activities we do as a guild for fun.

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