Syndicate/Dell/Alienware Partnership
For years The Syndicate has supported Dell/Alienware with product feedback and testing. For years Dell/Alienware have supported The Syndicate through SyndCon sponsorship and various other things. In 2013 we had an exciting year with our Dell/Alienware relationship. We launched several large scale product feedback sessions in cities around the US. seKreT products were brought in and show to attendees in a "fishbowl" while a moderator walked them through questions and feedback and key staff observed behind the 1 way mirrored walls. Alienware attended SyndCon and a large scale feedback session took place there; Frank Azor was a VIP attendee; and they supported our annual raffle.

The biggest news, for us, was the established of a more formal partnership in the form of a special Syndicate website, via the overall Dell website, that offers members big discounts on equipment. Syndicate members already heavily use Dell equipment and Alienware gaming machines and this new discount only broadens the use of that equipment.

We remain very proud of our relationship with Dell. They are a first class company who takes feedback from its consumers very seriously. Syndicate members have seen meaningful impacts of their feedback on gaming products across the board. Dell invests in obtaining that input early in the process and they react to the feedback to create better products. The Syndicate is glad to be a part of that process.

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