Supporting Alienware/Dell
Alienware makes some outstanding gaming PCs. They have been supporters of The Syndicate for many years and are regular sponsors of our SyndCon event. The relationship is not one-sided, however. The Syndicate prides itself on providing high quality feedback not only to game developers but also to our hardware partners such as Dell/Alienware. 2013 was a year that afforded us the opportunity to do that in several ways.

Stretching back to SyndCon 2012, 150+ attendees provided in depth feedback on a host of upcoming or possible future technologies and user interface and interaction methods. That feedback shaped the line of Alienware laptops that launched in June of 2013. Leveraging on that success, two large scale feedback sessions were setup in June to begin collecting feedback for the next generation of technology. A session took place in San Diego and another in Alexandria. Syndicate members arrived in groups, throughout the day, with each group spending 2 hours in an intense evaluation and feedback session.

Then, at SyndCon 2013, a similar process was repeated but on a much larger scale with another 150+ members passing through the closed door, NDA controlled, feedback session seeing possible future technology; shaping the path with their feedback; and getting to see some really radical concept designs (some of which may not ever see the light of day but which were great to get the chance to touch and give feedback about).

The Syndicate takes great pride in supporting our game developer and hardware developer friends. We want all of our relationships to be ones in which we give back as much or more value to them than we receive from them via their SyndCon support or the opportunities to see their products early and influence the path they take.

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