Venril Sathir
Venril Sathir is one of the most feared mobs in Everquest. To date, only 6 guilds (including The Syndicate) have killed him on Tarew Marr. He is feared not because he has alot of HP (only 10-12K) or because he has some nasty AE weapon or hits hard (he doesnt). He is feared because every single hit he takes 1500hp from you and adds it back to his own thus effectively healing himself faster than you can damage him. That is, unless you use strategy. Therefore, killing Venril Sathir is a "right of passage" for many guilds. The Syndicate completed that task with little effort and only a fraction of its total high level forces at the combat. It went something like this:

While forming up to raid the Juggernauts to get the wizzie piece from Jumpsalot (Tolaspmuj the Froglock) we heard VS was up. Quickly we reformed and heading to Karnors. Sending down the lead group to the staging room, we COTHd the others down and formed groups. All told we had about 25 people there. 2 were level 60 and some were even in the high 40s. 2 were enchanters but due to the level differences only 1 could rune since the other couldnt overwrite theirs. Conventional wisdom is that VS would not be killable. But the Syndicate is anything but conventional.

We began by clearing his room with harmony pulls and then we prepared for him. Main Assist Lekne charged his room with the 2 enchanters in tow. However we didnt realize there would be the rune overwrite problem so when Dragons (the Syndicate GM and the cleric who was healing Lekne arrived) he was already taking damage. The other tanks joined in while VS stayed focused on Lekne but unfortunately Lekne died. NUKE!! was called and the wizards opened fire and within seconds VS was at a sliver of health and running for his life. However the Wizards were out of mana!! And then the worst thing happened. A nearby mob in another room HEALED VS. Upon seeing that CAMP was called since VS would soon start LTing everyone. Most everyone camped out except for an unfortunate 8 or so people.

Quickly we logged back in, ressed the dead and revised our strategy. This time one enchanter would rune as fast as she could (Baile) while the other chanter (Motley) tossed in a 200 point damage shield and kept some mana in case Baile ran out before the fight was over. We added in 3 pets and runed them and had taunt off. And one more tank joined us as well. Again we cleared his room and this time we also cleared the mobs in nearby rooms that healed him, just in case he ran again.

Lekne charged back in and this time things went much better. Soon the tanks were with him and the nukers standing by. Suddenly a rune missed and Lekne went from full health to dead in about 1 second. VS turned to attack the rogue Nyka and runes switched to him (all tanks were runed before the fight just in case this happened). Vs bounced between Nyka and Udyo (the Secondary Assist) for a few seconds as the enchanters key runes up absorbing his LifeTap. Within seconds VS was near 50 percent health and Ranco yelled NUKE!!! The wizzies opened fire and as suddenly as the combat started, it was over. Down went VS!

The loot from VS included the Wizzie Epic staff, Cobalt Leggings for a warrior and some very nice Paladin leggings. It was The Syndicates first try at VS. It was done with what is considered an underpowered group, on the spur of the moment having never done him before. The result was spectacular and down went VS! Next time we face him im sure it will be even easier!

To date The Syndicate has taken down Innoruk, Cazic Thule, all the demigods in Fear and Hate, several dragons and VS. We've raided almost every major high level zone and done very well in them all. We've completed a great many epics and will soon complete many more. There are very few things in EQ we havent done yet and those will soon be completed.

Long Live The Syndicate!

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