SyndCon 2011
SyndCon 2011 was a special one for us because it was our 10th annual SyndCon event. Started back in 2002, these events had proven to be the single most important guild event that we had ever done. They bring together many people (in this case, over 200 Syndies and special guests) to build friendships outside the virtual world. Through that activity, drama within the virtual world was eliminated; friendships thrived and our success is unparalleled.

This year's event took place in Seattle during the month of August. As in year's past, we had a number of special guests as well as events, play testing, consulting and demos. Among this year's attendees were:

  • 38 Studios was present for some closed door meetings on Copernicus. As was announced at PAX 2010, The Syndicate is working with them on Reckoning and Copernicus.
  • SOE was present for a closed door meeting on Planetside 2. The Syndicate is involved in that project as well.
  • Bioware was present to privately discuss SWTOR. The Syndicate has several hundred people involved with that project.
  • Trion was present to discuss End of Nations and the current state of Rift.
  • Petroglyph was present to discuss Rise of Immortals.
  • Alienware sponsored the LAN party and was also showing off future technology and getting closed door, NDA protected consumer feedback for future product direction.
  • Prima Games was on site to review the SWTOR guide project
  • En Masse (the US publisher for Tera) was there to talk at the Syndicate's annual guild meeting
  • Intel and Microsoft were also present

In addition to all of the gaming related events and sessions, The Syndicate held its annual Charity raffle raising a good sum for our charities. There is another History article discussing that success.

With 10 years of SyndCon's behind us, we are just getting started. We have bigger and better plans for 2012 and will continue to use this hallmark event to grow our community and enhance our success.

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