Legend of The Syndicate Goes Live
In May of 2007, Legend of The Syndicate went live. Preorders began to ship from Avari Press to hundreds of people. Amazon.com listed the book on its site as did a number of other retailers. The official release date was set for August 8th. However, things didn't go as planned. First, the giant world wide book wholesaler that sells to Amazon and many other sites received word about the book due to be released in August. They looked it over and decided since it was the first of its kind and well written, that it had a good deal of market potential. So they purchased a bunch of books and promptly supplied them to sites like Amazon. So the book went 'live' months before it was supposed to.

The interest didn't stop there. Next up, the big wholesaler that sells to all the libraries in the US reviewed the book. They too felt it would be a necessary book for libraries to pick up so again, many cases of the book were ordered. And then the book began to get reviewed on a number of sites like Stratics and Slashdot to name two. Tens of thousands of hits occurred on those articles resulting in a wave of book ordering which triggered more reviews and comments and posts. There were, for sure, threads from haters and jerks who put the book or the guild down. Many of those were clearly from people who hadn't read the book. There were many more, however, that were very positive and sales of the book proceeded accordingly.

The official release date remained August 2007 and that is when stores like Walmart began to carry the book in the store itself. All in all we are very pleased with the overwhelming positive support that we received for the launch of our book. It has generated new contacts, new friends, new opportunities and, we hope, helped a few guilds out there avoid the pitfalls that we ran into in our early years. You can read a number of Articles and reviews written about the book elsewhere on our site.

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