Crowfall 2017 Perspective

Back in 2015, the Crowfall folks came to our SyndCon event in Las Vegas. We left there pretty excited about the game. But that was two years ago and the game still isn't playable for most people. So, what are our feelings now in 2017? They certainly ebbed for awhile but they are starting to grow strong again. There has been some awesome news about Eternal Kingdoms... lots of news about classes and content... and the game has really come a long way from what we saw nearly two years ago. The Crowfall team remains passionate and updates/news are frequent. Although there isn't alot to say at this point from us specifically about in game activities, we remain very interested and hopeful and positive on the game. Artcraft seems to have a vision that we like and seem to be executing on it. We remain a step removed from playing the game very often but we are doing that intentionally. We would rather wait for the content to be closer to done than to jump in and either burn out or bloody our nose again. But we are certainly anxious to get in there and enjoy what they seem to be cooking up.

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