Elder Scrolls Online Testing
It is hard to not be a fan of the Elder Scrolls Online. Hundreds of Syndicate members have logged seemingly countless hours playing the various Elder Scrolls games. Even as ESO is being developed, there is still a large following playing Skyrim on a regular basis. The games are simply first class and the depth and freedom are unmatched. As such, creating a MMO based on the ESO universe is going to pull in lots of players, The Syndicate among them.

Our first real engagement came when Zenimax invited Dragons, The Syndicate President & CEO, to their offices to see and play the game. The game was very fun to play and the idea of having dungeons dynamically change such that you could/would revisit dungeons, at much higher levels, to see new and exciting twists to them was a neat touch that jumped out during that first visit. Another interesting thing was that during the tour of the massive, brand new, call center (that was being setup to host the GMs and Call Center Reps who would support ESO), there were several hundred PCs on desktops... all with stickers on them... stickers from the 38 Studios Auction at the BHG offices just down the road. Now we knew who swooped in and bought up all the machines just before we placed a bid on a bunch of them for Syndicate members.

Since that initial trip, dozens of Syndicate members have been engaged in active testing of the game. That said, the testing itself, for much of 2013, happened in short spurts with limited content available. While that has some advantages on paper... it was eerily reminiscient of the Warhammer Online testing process which was, in our opinion, a huge failure. As we move into 2014 and near the launch, we are definitely looking forward to expanded testing and really seeing the massive PvP content in action.

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