Atlas / Wayfinders

The Syndicate has a very long history of supporting game developers with consulting, design reviews and testing often months or even years before the general public becomes aware of a game. We had the pleasure of working with Digital Extremes on a game that was code named Atlas at the time. By December of 2022 it was revealed as Wayfinder and public press began to come out about it. When we worked on it, it was NDA protected and hush hush. Several hundred Syndicate members supported the test over a series of engagements. After each one, massive reports of feedback, ideas, issues, suggestions etc.. were produced. What we most liked about supporting DE with their game was that they listened. Sometimes developers get very territorial or their management has just decided a game will go forward regardless of the feedback. The team at DE listened, engaged and then iterated on the game such that each subsequent test brought changes and enhancements that made the experience better. That is a great measure of how committed DE was to making a game that their community would like.

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