Pocket Kingdoms Alpha Support
A very interesting opportunity came up in late 2009 and spanned into 2010. Specifically it was to support SpaceTime Studios in their development of the first ever full scale iPhone MMO. Dozens of Syndicate members formed the core of their testing and advisory board. Hundreds of game hours were logged and many pages of feedback supplied. The end result was a really fun to play game that had the portability of being on an iPhone.

One of the really cool things about being involved with Space Time was the speed of the development process. Since the game was being developed for an iPhone and not a PC, the development life-cycle was much faster. Quite literally, detailed feedback and tweaks could be suggested one week and they could be realized and evaluated the very next week when the next build rolled out. The flexibility of developing for that platform was readily apparent but so was the tangible impact many by the team of Syndicate members.

The game started off as a good, fun game to play. It ended up as an excellent, in depth, very fun game that has a wide appeal to gamers of a variety of play styles. It was very rewarding for The Syndicate members involved because of how clear it was where and how their feedback was affecting the process in a positive way.

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