Youth Opportunties Unlimited
October 2005
Evanston, Wyoming

The Syndicate, through donations of $343 collected at the 2005 Syndicate World Conference and another $100 donated by member Briluuria, were able to help give something back to the greater community.. the real world community.. by sponsoring TWO knights (for the second year in a row) and donating extra month to help the organization grow. In Oct of 2005 by sponsoring two Knights for the Youth Opportunities Unlimited second annual A Knight At The Kings Table jousting competition. This competition raises money to support 6th-12th graders by providing them opportunities they might not normally have.

The two knights we sponsored were the red and blue knight. Tetsu was one night. While he fought valiantly he was knocked out in the first round. Our other knight, Alison, fought even harder and made it to the semi-finals where she was knocked out. Although our knights didnt win it was for charity for kids so its all good. :)

You can read the program for the event HERE Note.. the program we were given had a typo on the date that was hand changed. You can tell it is a new one since it says 2nd annual and has a new date from the previous years.

Here is a thank you note we received. It is great to be appreciated for helping out and we look forward to being able to support Y.O.U in the future:

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