There is little of redeeming value to say about either of these two guilds. Both are/were the lowest of the low in all things. Pkillers and NPkillers, drobers, cheats and bug users to the last man. Even The Mercs hated them.

CC (based around Covetous) was often the center piece of what were called "Server Downtime Battles". Every morning the server would go down at 11:25am (or there about). About an hour before the server went down a message would come across that "The Server is Going Down Shortly". That message meant that after that time, nothing done was saved. This led to huge battles because there was nothing to lose if you died. Nothing that saved anyway. Many of those battles took place either on Arx Draconis, The Britain Graveyard, Deceit or at the entrance to Covetous.

OO was a CC ally. Their claim to fame was that they were NPKs. They were NPKs in two forms. First, before EVs and Bladespirits were changed, you could cast them on people and kill them with no notoriety hit. OO's only ability in PvP was to hide near the Covetous entrance and launch those at people. They would never go red and would simply first off EVs. So if you couldnt EV back, you couldnt hurt them. They would, of course, heal their CC allies who kept the attackers back so OO could EV.

Of course there did come a time when one CC paid The Syndicate a compliment. He was mascarading as a Syndicate member at the Vesper bank trying to sell his wares from his smith char. When approached by a member and asked why he was posing as an LLTS member he replied 'Because everyone knows LLTS is the best merchants in game and i want to sell my stuff fast.'

Other than that brief pearl of wisdom, CC was nothing but a black spot on UOs history. Often fought by The Syndicate and always exploiting cheats and bugs (like the leather bug to make you invulnerable to spells or the harm kill bug.. two of their favorites).

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