SyndCon 2021

SyndCon 2021 represented the 20th annual SyndCon event. Over 600 Syndicate members have attended one or more SyndCon events over that time period. When the first event was started, it was a gamble. It was easy, at that time, to say that one of our core values was friendship. It was another thing entirely to test that theory and see if the friendships were deep enough that members would take time off from work, invest dollars to travel (and get a hotel, pay for food etc...) and come together to hang out with their online friends. Traveling to that very first event, many members had concerns about how well they would mesh with folks they met online and really liked, virtually, but in many cases had never verbally spoken to (since 20 years ago, voice chat was not a 'thing'). It turned out the people they met online were the same people they met in person and what you looked like or where you came from or what your job was had nothing at all to do with how awesome of a person you were. It turns out The Syndicate was color-blind, politics-blind, worldview-blind and all the rest. It truly was all about the person and not about anything physical or artificial. The first SyndCon was a huge success and a wonderful decision to have made by the team. Since then things have steamrolled forward with year after year of success... of exciting shared experiences... of taking the online friendships and adding the real world aspect to them. And when we reached the 20th SyndCon event, we had spent over 100 days together at SyndCon. We had built rock solid friendships; defined our own unqique culture and created a legacy of success unmatched by anyone else in the online gaming world. The 20th annual SyndCon was a great event in its own right but when taken in conjunction with all that came before it, it was an epic milestone that no other online community had ever achieved and likely would never achieve. LLTS!

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