New Worlds Decline

Before New World ever launched, Dragons predicted to the guild that it would last 3-6 months and then be a small shadow of itself. But, that was ok for The Syndicate. Having a place where we could come together, in large numbers, for 3-6 months was a value add to the guild. Amazon gave us a bunch of account keys so even members who lacked the disposable income to join in were able to also join in with the guild and build and reinforce friendships. Sure enough, exactly as predicted, New World decline steadily from launch. During the initial period, there were 913,000 people players online at once with an average of 410,000 on at any given moment. Within 3 months, the peak dropped to 145,000 and the average was 83,000. By the 6 month mark, the peak was 34,000 and the average was 21,000. Right on track, servers were closed and merged and the game went from a massive game into a very minor game in the grand scheme of things. However, The Syndicate didn't drop off as far as most. About 35% of it's members kept playing. They did so not because of the game itself (although it did have some very good systems) but because of the opportunity to continue to adventure with guildmates. They grew those personal relationships through those shared experiences that make us the juggernaut that we are today.

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