Routers of the Future!
By this point in our history, we had a relationship with Bigfoot for several years. We had worked on numerous projects for them. Qualcomm bought them but our relationship continued to grow and thrive.

We were very pleased when we were asked to help them develop router technology of the future. Large, expensive, corporate networks have had packet shaping technology for years. They prioritize traffic on the network so that important business data gets priority over employees surfing YouTube during work. Home uses, however, have not had that luxury. So if you start watching a video on one PC while another one is playing a shooter, your shooter will lag and you will die more often than you should.

Qualcomm (and their "Killer" division, which is the Bigfoot team) develop the technologies that go inside many products. So in this case, they were developing the technology to make your home routers perform more like those business class ones but at a much more affordable price.

The Syndicate was their partner in that effort supply dozens of people, who played a wide variety of games, all across North America, and who had many devices using their networks at once. That data allowed them to create the appropriate algorithms to help prioritze traffic. So if you are reading this at some point in the future and thinking to yourself "my router does that.. so this is nothing special.." at the time The Syndicate was doing this work, home routers did not have that technology. We were a part of the process that made it common place in the routers of the future.

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