The Syndicate Becomes The First Corporate Sponsored MMORPG Guild
The Syndicate is one of the oldest and largest guilds in online gaming. They are known for leading the pack in many areas of the gaming world like hosting the largest single guild conference in gaming history, each year, with more than 100 members in attendance. In Jan of 2004, The Syndicate broke new ground yet again and became the first guild in the MMORPG world to obtain corporate sponsorship.

Thunderbox PC has become the first corporate sponsor of The Syndicate and has taken the revolutionary step of becoming the first company to sponsor an online gaming guild. Thunderbox is known as an industry leader in the area of high-end Gaming PCs. Thunderbox has supplied PCs to the development teams of a number of major MMORPGs and to hundreds of gamers around the world. They not only custom create cutting edge systems but they also offer more moderately priced systems for gamers who need a new system to keep up with the games coming out but cant afford a bleeding edge system. Thunderbox is consistently rated as excellent in price and customer satisfaction and is fast becoming a standard among gamers.

To celebrate this sponsorship, The Syndicate and Thunderbox are offered a number of special deals for gamers. As gamers, we make sure we have a machine that will let us play the games we want, but we dont always buy the 'cool' addons preferring instead to add more RAM or buy another game. Now they could get alot of those extreme-addons (from PC Skins, to Custom Lighting to a complete Extreme kit) for their PCs for free as part of celebrating this groundbreaking event in gaming history.

Online Gaming is loaded with guilds many of whom claim to be the best but who are solely focused on themselves. The Syndicate has consistently led the pack in all areas it participates in, paid its dues as a guild, and earned its place as a lead guild in the gaming world. However, during its 8 years of existance, it has maintained its focus on having fun and in making the online community a better place. We hope this sponsorship will be another way we can add value to the gaming community and we look forward to many more years of online gaming with all of you.

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