Epic Engagement With AoD
Cheating was rampant in the early days. From the beginning, The Syndicate took an anti-pk, anti- cheat stance. One of the early pkiller guilds (AoD) were major cheaters. Their GM and many members were banned at differnt times (although bans were rarely permanent back then) and if you knew a bug was out you could be sure an AoD was using it.

In short, everyone hated them and everyone wanted them dead. They had a small village just southwest of the swamp between Britain and Cove. This village was to be the site of many battles with them and many AoD deaths. Back in those days, if you got a key to someones house they couldnt change it. Several AoD house keys were obtained and they were cleaned out. Slowly, over time, AoD was forced back into a large 1 story house and 2 smaller houses as their only really useable ones.

It was decided then one day to launch a MASSIVE attack on AoD. We realized that many members didnt know how to pvp well but that wasnt the point. Losses were ok but as a guild we were going to launch a HUGE attack to wipe them out, take as many of the houses we could and stand tall in the face of their pkilling.

A series of runes were marked all around the AoD base (in a circle around it about 1 screen off). SL Ironman I believe was in charge of marking those. A map was made up and each squad leader given a rune and an assignment. Syndicate members rallied on AD forming up by squad. When the signal was given, all gates were opened and roughly 200 members went through them. 5-10 dragons also accompanied the army being led by Trax I believe.

Forming up on the otherside, we converged on the AoD base from all sides at once. 25 or so AoD were present and maybe 15 allies of theirs. The didnt stand a chance in the nearly 8:1 odds but that wasnt really the point. War is hell and when you are a murderer, you get no quarter. AoD was to be smashed and their houses taken and taught a lesson.

In the end, nearly every AoD died and those that didnt fled. Their large house was looted and the side storage house key was taken and looted. The dragons ate well that day. From that day forward they werent the same level of threat they had once been. Members started quitting their guild and UO. They moved base locations to the Trinsic swamps where a second attack was launched 2 months later by about 50 members and the same results. Their GM was banned for cheating right before that attack as well. Although they still exist today and they still cheat and pkill whenever possible, their long reign of pkilling was broken after those raids.

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