ESO Guild Summit
The ESO team wanted to improve their game and one of the best ways to do that is to pull in leading guilds for their feedback on ideas and to help provide ideas of their own. The developers commitment to improving the game and to listening to their community is outstanding. By this point in ESOs life, it was no secret that it had taken a beating by a fair number of different areas of the gaming community. It had rapid fans but also strong detractors. The Syndicate mainted a presence in ESO and had members who very much enjoyed the game but we also had members who burnt out on it quickly or who were never attracted to the game to begin with. As such, there was a diverse pool of feedback we could offer and a large crowd of people that could potentially be pulled back into the game. Syndicate member Ven Cedrais represented the guild at the summit. It was a great thing to see a developer do because it requires time, money and commitment to follow-through and that is not something that is often dedicated towards the community. Zenimax and Bethesda are known for high quality products and holding a summit merely reinforced that the reputation was justified.

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