In mid-2012, SOE purchased BulletRun. Perhaps better said, they partnered with AconyGames in Germany to make BulletRun turn into a reality. This is part of The Syndicate's history because of our involvement with both companies and with the evolution of BR.

BulletRun began life as a game called Parabellum. The Syndicate supplied several hundred people to help them test the game; refine their design and to overload their servers so they could build out their infrastructure.

The game then evolved into a title called Hedone and the process was again repeated with The Syndicate consulting on the title.

Finally the game became BulletRun and that incarnation was lightyears better than the original Parabellum implementation. It had a cool premise (you were on a TV Show and got points not just for kills but also for doing showboating things that pleased the crowd). SOE recognized that potential and picked up the title and made the game a reality showing it off to the world at E3 2012.

The Syndicate continues its relationship with SOE and Acony and is very glad to see work we provided, over the past two years, has turned into a much more polished game with a unique premise and some sharp looking graphics.

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