Pocket Kingdom For The NGage (Oct 04)
In Oct of 2004, Nokia and Sega teamed up to create the first ever MMORPG on a mobile device. It is called Pocket Kingdom and is played on the Nokia NGage device. The Syndicate was offered some of the 100 beta spots that were given out to major sites like GameSpot to test it out and share that experience with other gamers. Here is the offer note with links to the site to read about the game etc..

We're currently working for Nokia and Sega, representing their upcoming title: Pocket Kingdom. It's an NGage game, and it's basically one of the first Massively Multiplayer Mobile games ever. Check out http://www.pocket-kingdom.com/ for some more info about it. Anyway, we're hosting a competition for the spot of the Best Griefer (i.e. pvper since the concept of this game is pvp where the best pvper is called the best Griefer) in the game, and around 100 people across the web, representing various communities will be participating (Gabe and Tycho, some dudes at Gamespot, etc.). In exchange for competing, we'll send you an NGage QD mobile device, a copy of the PK Beta, and some free time on the phone (couple of months), so you can participate.

We'll have regular updates on www.thew0rld.com about who's kicking whose ass, and the winner at the end of the contest, will also win ownership of the website.

The Syndicate is definitely interested in seeing this new advance in the online gaming world and in helping to test it in the hopes of making it better for all gamers.

HERE is the link to the official list of those in the beta and misc related links to Pocket Kingdom. Check it out. Its an addictive game with a nice feature that you can play offline and then take your army online to compete.
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