Continue on a fascinating journey through the history of online gaming as seen through the eyes of The Syndicate, one of the oldest and most successful player organizations in the history of gaming. Learn the secrets to creating, maintaining and growing your own stable online community. More than fifteen years of Syndicate experience are boiled down into a formula for success that you can apply to your guild. Time tested methodologies and lessons are shared to help you create success for yourself and your friends. Look into the future of MMORPGs. The key to the future success of online gaming is meeting an ever changing set of player expectations. We explore how developers can and should meet them in the years ahead. The successful games of the future will be the ones nimble enough to meet those expectations. Also included are forewords by John Smedley (President of Sony Online Entertainment) and Curt Schilling (Founder of 38 Studios and 3 Time World Series Champion). Visit us at

The Syndicate - Beyond The Legend is a MUST read for any of you that are running an online guild, an online community or if you are thinking of doing so. A lot of what Sean wrote,citing from his 15 plus Years experience as the guild-master of The Syndicate,rang true with me, (as a Community Manager) - the sometimes painful lessons learned and the great success that can be achieved with the right method , communication and patience.

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