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General : The Syndicate - 17 Years & Counting

Posted Feb 11, 2013 by Suzie Ford

We have received word from leaders of one of the oldest guilds, The Syndicate, that members are busy celebrating seventeen years of existence as a group. 

Seventeen years ago, in February 1996, a community known as The Syndicate ( was formed. That community was founded with the hope, belief and dream that players would want to come together as a team of friends; who wanted to stick together for years; and who would be able to work through the challenges that often tear communities apart. Right from the beginning, the community faced big hurdles. Initial recruiting practices were abysmal with an applicant merely needing an email address to join. Sometimes they didn't even need that because entire other guilds wholesale merged with The Syndicate. Those were challenging times but as player expectations were low back in those days, we were able to weather that storm. Now, 17 years later, we look back on those mistakes as opportunities we were fortunate to have as they helped shape us into what we are today. 

While there are other successful, fun loving and friend focused communities in the online gaming space, The Syndicate is very proud of its unique achievements within the gaming and community space.

Read the history of the group on The Syndicate's page.

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