Goonhammer 20K: 2017 Dawns on Largest Player Org Ever - Imperium

Goonhammer 20K:


As 2017 begins, Goonswarm Federation faces the new year in a unique position.

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This means Goonswarm is similar to another successful online gaming organization: The Syndicate. Founded in February of 1996, the Syndicate is currently the world’s oldest active online gaming group. They attribute much of that success to the organization’s nature as its own community. Real-life events help Syndicate members connect to one another and keep the community strong.

Goonswarm has fought, laughed, and stumbled its way through some of the most tumultuous days in EVE history. The Goons have endured the hatred of their enemies, massive armadas arrayed against them, and betrayal from within. They are still young when compared to The Syndicate’s almost 21-year history.