Update of the Avatar #140 – 2015.08.28: SotA Included in Syndicate’s Guinness World Record, Play R21 Now!, New Team Members, End-of-Summer Telethon, and More!

Greetings Fellow Avatars!

Here’s what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

  • Syndicate Includes Shroud of the Avatar in Guinness World Record
  • Player Owned Towns: The Syndicate’s Arx Draconis
  • Play Release 21 Now!


The Syndicate Includes Shroud of the Avatar in Guinness World Record

We can’t begin to describe how excited, and honored, we were when Sean Stalzer, head of The Syndicate Guild, informed us that they had their Guinness World Record updated to include Shroud of the Avatar! Here’s an excerpt from the Official Guinness World Record website:

First founded in February 1996, The Syndicate had been active for 19 years 170 days, as of 20 July 2015. The Syndicate prefers to only take part in a limited number of games at any time and is currently focused on Ultima Online, World of Warcraft and Shroud of the Avatar. Additionally, they have been prominent in titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and EverQuest. The guild is known for its motto “Long Live The Syndicate”, often abbreviated to “LLTS”.

Their site can be seen here: http://www.llts.org/

Our deepest heartfelt thanks to Sean and the entire Syndicate for including Shroud of the Avatar in their prestigious world record!



Player Owned Towns: The Syndicate’s Arx Draconis

And speaking of The Syndicate, their capital town, Arx Draconis, is our newest static Player Owned Town to come online. A large fortress with a Dragon statue centerpiece, it uses the island template and is located off Spindrift Island on the north side of Bay of Storms.





Play Release 21 Now!