Interview with Dragons  (May 2000):
This is an interview done by the RPGLive news network, with The Syndicate's Guildmaster Dragons. The interview explored a number of interesting guild topics not covered in some other interviews. Here is a brief exerpt...

(Quick)If I remember correctly, your guild is 500+ strong between UO and EQ. How do keep things under control with numbers that large?
(Dragons) Well, if I said it was easy, Id be lying. There are days its real tough and days when the guild almost runs itself. The reason we are so large, yet so unified and so successful and so old, is that we have a very good core set of values. We recruit ONLY people that share those values. Our motto is "Quality not quantity" but the interesting side affect of that is that if you recruit quality and offer those people something of great value they will bring in more quality players and that gives you quantity.
(Quick)This was truly a great interview with a very nice guy. I give him much credit for the hard work he puts in every day for his guild. Anyone giving any thought to joining this guild should give it a try, you won't be unsatisfied.

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Interview with Faust-Syndicate  (May 2000):
This is an interview done by the Stratics news network, Shadowbane division, with The Syndicate's game Migration coordinator Faust. Here is a brief exerpt...

What kind of memberbase do you aim torwards?
(Faust) We are pretty particular about a high level of maturity. We bill ourselves as "professionals," so we don't put up with petty games much. However, teamwork is also our goal. We allow for a wide range of diversity and have a wide range of players (RP, PvP, PowerGamers, and tradesmen... each adds to the team)

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A Guild By Any Other Name  (May 2000):
This is an article written by Jed Norton, aka Darkmoor Dragon for GamesDomain. Its an article all about OGGs (Online Gaming Groups) and how they differ from a guild and what they have to offer. He highlights several of them including the Syndicate. Here is a brief exerpt from the piece...

OGGs differentiate themselves from standard guilds by covering more than one game, typically their members will play a number of online games and will sometimes move wholesale into the latest online world. What do these groups offer the gamer and are they anything more than a loose amalgamation of MUDites seeking friendship on the Internet? The unifying theme with all OGGs is that they offer the "lone gamer" a community to belong to. Whilst in-game guilds exist to service a generally short lived population (most guilds only last for around 6 months or so) OGGs tend to last for years. All of the Groups in my "survey" have been in existence for at least 2 years. If I was forced to say which one is the "leading light" it would have to be "The Syndicate", because it is closest to my ideal "model" for an OGG.

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A Look At The Syndicate  (April 2000):
This is an interview done by Thomas Cash, aka Lothian for The Inner Filth. Its an interview that explores The Syndicate asking lots of questions about. This led to an article on his. Here is a brief exerpt from the interview...

Q: I have personally met Dragoon and HUCK, both of The Syndicate. Both seemed to be very nice fellows, and one even provided my thief with a recall scroll (his magery is abysmally low). However, I really haven't dealt with many of LLTS's members. Perhaps you could shead some light onto the matter, by telling me of a few of the more notable occurances, within the guild, in which LLTS reached out to help fellow players?

A: Yes, both of those are good examples of the quality members we have. But it doesnt stop there. We have a whole guild like that :) To answer your question though, we do a TON of events for fellow players. We run the oldest player run town known as Arx Draconis. We call it "AD" for short. What AD does is serve as a focal point and spring board for a great many events and things we do for players.

Some examples include Scavenger Hunts, Lotteries, Quests, Magic Resistance Training Sessions, PvP Contests, Craftsman Nights and various Tavern Games. There are 1-3 events on AD EVERY week that are completely open to the public and FREE :) We even provide gates from the major banks and then back to town so that newer players can participate. During those events, we do not engage those guilds that are orange to our warstone either (unless they chose to attack us, as some do). Its a free event, open to the public and fun for all :) We try not to exclude anyone.

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Virtual Persistent Worlds   (March 2000):
This is an article Arathorn, veteran online gamer. It explores the sociology aspects of online gaming and how players interact in these worlds. It highlights The Syndicate in some specific examples Here is an exerpt from the article...

It has been said that humans are sub-creators. People have unlimited creative capacity and often find their wishes to express themselves confined by concrete walls of a modern society. The existence of Virtual Persistent Worlds has unlimited resources with unlimited space. UO and games like them allow someone to live out a fantasy within the confines of their own imagination. They not only provide insight into people through moral and ethical decisions but also educate them about others. Just as television has allowed us to see the world better visually, Virtual Persistent Worlds allow people to experience each other more easily than ever before. This new technology certainly has every intention of staying, as seen by the rapid growth of Ultima Online. There is no doubt that the technology will improve and become more mainstream so that more people can enter into the ever changing and infinite universe of Virtual Persistent Worlds.

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Guilds.. In General   (August 2000):
This is an article written by Kalfear over at Aerynth's Shadowbane Site. It explores the concept of a guild in general and discusses some long term guilds. The Syndicate was featured prominently but the article, in general is very informative on a number of guilds and guild concepts. Here is an exerpt from the article...

Now before anyone gets all wound up, I'll be straight forward, I have only heard of one of the guilds mentioned. That being "The Syndicate". The Syndicate is very active in EQ and UO (or was). What the guild is now, compared to their entrance into UO, is a testament of persistence and growing. Now their yells of, "LLTS!" are common place in EQ and are no longer met by scorn or dislike. The Syndicate has indeed grown into and well earned the reputation as one of the premier guilds on line. This is fact and can never be refuted by anyone with any knowledge or time spent on line.

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