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General : Guinness Recognizes "Continuous Operation" of The Syndicate

Posted Mar 24, 2014 by Suzie Ford

The Syndicate has sent along word that it has received a new entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Continuous Operation of The Syndicate" as an online gaming organization. The award was granted as a result of extensive research by Guinness and was given to The Syndicate earlier this month.

At its core, however, the record represents our friendships and our unity as a team.  Although some troll will reply saying "that can't be true!" The Syndicate has virtually no turnover of people quitting our guild to join other guilds.. or because we kicked them out for breaking rules.. or because they are unhappy in the community.  We developed a very stringent and detailed recruiting process many years ago.  Through that process we recruit like minded people with similar goals and expectations.  As such, we lose very few people (only 1 or so per year) to those kinds of reasons.  Because of that, members stay in the guild for many years and as such build very deep and lasting friendships.  Those friendships create a very strong sense of community and a very tight unity among a very large team.  Despite having many hundreds of members, The Syndicate members have played together for a very long time and thus a very stable series of bonds have formed.  For us, the GWR represents that success because we do not have drama and infighting and thus do not implode and cease to exist.  In short, achieving another Guinness World Record is not just about existing another year.  Its about the continual evolution of our community model and the continued growth of our friendships.

Check out the award on the Guinnes Book of World Records site.

Read more on The Syndicate website.

  seafirex writes:

Congratz, I never seen a guild lasting that much in any games what so ever.

I hope you guys stay number 1 for a long time. It does show that there is some decent, mature guild out there in the gaming community. 

Again gratz.