The Escapist - The Syndicate

Guilds are a staple of the Massively Multiplayer gaming world. Guilds fill a number of important roles in the gaming world, but by and large they are short lived. Several hundred guilds rise and fall on a daily basis throughout the various MMOG universes, and the average lifespan of a guild is less than six months.

Nearly every guild will voluntarily close its doors or implode and cease to exist before reaching the two-year point. Less than a tenth of a percent of all guilds reach the five-year point. That is why a guild that has thrived for nearly 10 years, with more than 550 members (the vast majority of whom have been members for more than a year, and some up to nine years) is a noteworthy anomaly in a sea of guild names floating around the MMOG universe.

The Syndicate is such a guild. In fact, it is the only juggernaut-sized guild that has lasted that long in the history of MMOGs. The Syndicate has spanned numerous gaming worlds in its history including Ultima Online, Everquest, World of Warcraft and brief times in numerous worlds helping to beta test future games. Among the reasons for The Syndicate's long-term success as a guild are its underlying philosophies, its recruiting practices and its structure.

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