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General : The Syndicate Celebrates 18 Years

Posted Feb 08, 2014 by Suzie Ford

We have received word that The Syndicate is preparing for its 19th year of existence. The Syndicate is a world-record holding guild that maintains a 99% retention rate and hosts an annual convention called Syndicon. As the group moves towards its second decade, The Syndicate leader reveals that the team is preparing for the second generation of gamers entering into the games space. 

Why does that matter? It matters because the MMOs of the past 18 years were created, in large part, by a community of developers who knew the world of BBS gaming via a modem... who played MUDs and MOOs... who, in the more senior levels, knew gaming before there were computers.  We are just now reaching the point where the future programmers, designers, producers etc.. are heading off to college having never known a world without MMORPGS.  Some of the core mechanics and concepts that shaped what "success" is in the MMORPG world are things they have never experienced, and that isn't a bad thing.  It means there is change coming to the MMO space.

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