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Guild of the Month: The Syndicate
Action Trip Retracts SB Preview
Guild List: The Night Masks
Guild List: The Combine
Site Update:


Commentaries by Sachant
Chicago Bash, April 2001

Guild of the Month

The Syndicate

Guild of the Month: The Syndicate
Posted Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 5:44PM by Div Devlin

The Syndicate
Starting out the New Year (a little late) our featured guild, and guild of the month award goes out to a long established gaming guild, known throughout the games they are part of, for the call of "LLTS!" Established in the Ultima Online Beta as one of the premier guilds on the Atlantic shard, chaptering into games such as EverQuest, and Asherons Call, not only is it a premier guild for members but also one of the largest gaming groups on the net with players.

The Syndicate, is not just an everyday guild that climbs to the top of the mountain, they are renown for the hosting of events and giving back to the community of players with focused events, contests and combat. Many players, not in LLTS would look for contests in Ultima Online where they would be given a chance to win a small house or other noted items.

Guilds would hear of the LLTS! War machine marching on a dungeon to clean out the pk's mounting a defense and succumb to the sheer organizational skills and numbers of The Syndicate.

Featured in many articles and newspapers the Syndicate which can be found on their history section, only recruits only mature, team oriented, dedicated, friendly people with a professional attitude. Many were the days that guilds would gather and plan for days on raiding the Arx Draconis Island, a city to itself in UO's Atlantic shard where the Syndicate made home.

A guild definitely worth a 10 rating, and our featured guild of the month, I look forward to gaming with them in Shadowbane.

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Posted Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 4:58PM by Div Devlin

Gol from has a good rant up about how you can deal with cheating in mmorpg's and stop the game being ruined for yourself and other players. In it he starts with:

That's quite an issue indeed, but, being quite irritated by what's happening by now on AC, let me make some fuss about that, so I'm sure everyone understands.

Cheat - Bug - Exploit - Macro, those 4 terms cover the different ways to "crook the game". Indeed, let's imagine, for example, that some clever dick just find out how to stop losing HP anymore. Well, we surely understand the unbalance with the other players, who won't be in on it. Besides, once that "trick" become well known, everyone will go using it, so forcing the dev guys to intervene as they hear their game has been "twisted".
Stop over and give the translated version a read.


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Action Trip Retracts SB Preview
Posted Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 4:38PM by Div Devlin

For those of you who may of missed it, Action Trip a "Gaming News and Attitudes" site did a review of Shadowbane that was so off the mark, clueless and based on no concientious effort to actually like, you know...READ OR LEARN ABOUT THE GAME, posted the following a few days back about the review they did:

It seems that we had some major fuckups in this article (some of the information on the game was flat-out wrong). Needless to say, we've removed the Shadowbane first look off the server, and I'm right now trying to throw the rookie editor that wrote it from the 10th floor to see if the rotting crack-addict can bounce off the ground. I'm also trying to ram a spiked plank with my head, as some sort of punishment.

Wait, there he goes...

OOPS, sorry man... He obviously can't bounce.

Once again we deeply apologize to our readers for this cock up, and we'll MAKE SURE such mistakes (as far as the integrity of the information we post in our articles) don't happen again.

Sincerely yours,
Uros Jojic
The original article has been ganked from their front page news, and no word of the retraction can befound except on the orginal location of the review here: Shadowbane Preview

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Guild List: The Night Masks
Posted Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 4:00PM by Div Devlin

Abbreviation: NM

Guild Description:
The Nightmasks are an organization of adventurers, ruffians and murderers. Our main objective is to further ourselves and extend our sphere of influence wherever we find ourselves.

Warfare and assassinations are crucial to the Nightmasks plan of influence and members are highly encouraged to take part in the art of murder. As assassins, the Masks are always willing to sell their services to the highest bidders. Any Mask member may be petitioned to perform a job, and it is up to that individual Mask to determine whether to accept the terms of the contract or not.

In its beginnings the Nightmasks were primarily an Assassin's guild. We still harbor many professional assassins, but our goals are broader these days. As a Nightmask one seeks to further his/her name and standing in the community through services to customers and devotion to fellow Nightmasks.

The Mask Creed
Guild, Honor, Class - This is the way all Masks prioritize the way they behave. The Guild and its members come first and foremost, our Honor comes second, and Class runs a close third, as all Masks carry themselves with dignity and style befitting a professional warrior, wizard, or assassin.

Guild History:
The Nightmasks were first formed between 1991&1992 on America Online. We existed primarily as a guild of Assassins in the original Neverwinter Nights.

The Nightmasks have evolved over the years, especially since NWN's destruction in July of 1997. Since then, we briefly existed on Ultima Online on the Lake Superior server, where we engaged in wholesale slaughter for a time.

When UO turned out to be a vast disappointment, we left our holdings and avatars and came to the world of EverQuest, in the hopes that it would serve a better and less stressful distraction until a more suitable world could be found.

Guild Motto:
Evil With Style

Guild Review:
The Night Masks are to assassins what the Spirit Lurkers are to thieves. One of the oldest guilds in online gaming, they have perfected the art of taking your money, and killing your victims. Sometimes they take on the role not only for cash, but also for political reason their own, and many has the guilds been that fell prey to the destructive force of a Night Mask Assassin.
Rating: 10

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Guild List: The Combine
Posted Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 3:53PM by Div Devlin

The Combine
Guild Description:
The Combine is a collective army. We are combined to fulfill individual goals as a team. Advancement as a unit is our primary objective, since all other goals are more easily attainable with power. The Combine Way is one of sharing and enlightened self-interest. Sharing with a guildmate is an investment in a person that will grow more powerful more quickly and will be there to help the rest when the time comes. The Combine Way is not easy, each individual ends up contributing more than they get back materially at first, but it's proven to succeed with time.

We are PvP oriented. Many of our members do roleplay but it's not an overall guild focus.

Guild History:
We are a global gaming guild. We are not restricted to a single game. Our background includes EQ, UO, AC, MUDs, and First Person Shooters like Half-Life, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, etc.

Guild Motto:
Combined to fulfill individual goals as a team.

Guild Review:
The Combine has been a long established entity in gaming, known for their military style action in organization they have secured a name for themselves in EQ. Currently their web site is down, but from prior knowledge of this guild, they are a group that can do what it takes, and succeed. Rating: 8 (At this Time)

Site Update:
Posted Sunday, January 14, 2001 at 3:48PM by Div Devlin

Down time is good, it allows one to work on things that need to be fixed.
Corrections and tweaks were made to the back-end Cgi's, broken links have been fixed, and the most current files have been uploaded to the downloand section, including the zipped movies from Character Creation Week.

Thanks also to J, from SB Crossroads for pointing out that The Frost Horde has a new website location, which was not updated.

Due to the volume of down time we had, we will not be doing a summary of news already posted on other sites, our apology and we now resume with our regular schedule.

Div Devlin
Site Admin

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