Lady Zandra Darkbane
While I was running around taking care of small matters, I heard Tarzool call out for arms. Sir Lucan was spotted in the Militia House, hiding in one of the back rooms.

I quickly said farewell to Murbella, who was keeping the druids in line, and headed towards Freeport. I was going to do whatever I could to help end the evil Lucan's existance. I arrived to see Tarzool, a natural stratagem, at work. He was busy talking and organizing the assault teams, making sure they knew exactly what to do.

We had to get the testament off of Sir Lucan and pass it on to the proper channels. I sat down next to Tarbash and Mathusala as I watched everyone prepairing for battle. Feeling a bit small amongst so many powerful people, I kept quiet. Then, Tarzool said it was up to either Tarbash or myself to get the note and finish the mission. With a simple flip of a coin, it was decided. I would have to complete the mission.

Searching through the assault of emotions that hit me after that moment in time, I found the strength to keep standing on my feet. I could do it. My job would be to distract Sir Lucan after Ashuram took him for a walk outside the city walls. Having never been one to flirt with men before, I wasn't sure how I might go about that.

With my head held high, I walked to the other side of the clearing and tried to think of something to say when Sir Lucan walk by. Off in the distance, I could see Cadek keeping a watch while in disguise. Intensia stopped by to empower me with the speed of a wolf, incase things didn't go as planned. Then I saw Ashuram walking towards me, my heart started thumping with fear and a rush of adrenalin.

Ashuram excused himself and I stepped forward towards Lucan. The line I had been repeating in my mind drifted away on the wind as I counted three other people with Sir Lucan. I thought he would be alone and was caught off guard. When I was standing directly in front of him, I mumbled something about needing help. Which luckily was enought to catch Lucans attention, because he stopped to assist me and dismissed the men he had with him.

Then it was as if time itself slowed down. From out of nowhere the air lit up with the powerful spells cast at Lucan and light glinted off of metal as weapons tore through his armor. He tried in vain to stop the assault, finally asking for his evil gods assistance as he fell to the ground. Everyone watched as his bones ripped through his flesh forming into a skeleton that attacked the nearest person.

Once again a kaleidoscope of colors filled the air and weapons whisled through bone. Until the bones stopped moving and Sir Lucan lay still to never move again. I quickly picked through his armor until I found the scroll and tucked it into my pouch. Then after giving Tarzool the signal that I had the testiment, I ran away from the scene.

I waited for what seemed hours before I carefully made my way to the old sewers. I had gotten lost in them once and didn't want to have that happen again. I slowly made my was through the wet tunnels while wishing for the stealthy abilities of other people I knew. Finally, the Hall of Marr was in front of me and I made my way inside. I didn't have long to wait when Sir Valeron, my contact, sent for me. After I gave him the scroll, he thanked me and gave me the Brilliant Sword of Faith as a reward for aiding in the end of Sir Lucans control over the militia.

I left Sir Valeron feeling very proud at having done my job without making any mistakes. Now to get out of Freeport alive. I really don't care for sewers, they smell. Then again, even I will pass through them without a complaint when my life is at stake. As quickly as I could, I made my way to Highhold and hid out waiting for word on when to move again.

To tell you the truth, it was the next part of my mission that scared me the most. I had to get inside Splitpaw and meet Brother Hayle. The timing had to be right so that the gnolls never found out their home had been disturbed in any way. So I waited for word and the days passed by.

Then Wallaas, my informant, casually slipped into a conversation that Twisterkahn was staying in the same inn. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Now I had to finish what had been started months ago, even before Sir Lucan had been killed. I packed my things, said my farewells then headed off towards the Karanas. I had met Twisterkahn several times before and had always been impressed with his skills in the magical arts. In fact, he had helped to coach me with the little bit of magic I possessed, on occasion after a meeting with my husband Lorin. Whom I haven't seen since starting this mission ages ago.

I stood as close to the Splitpaw Lair as I dared without being spotted waiting for Twisterkahn to show up. Wondering how I was going to be able to enter the gnoll domain without giving myself away or getting Twister killed.

I didn't have that long to wait when I heard the rustle of cloth. I turned to see Twisterkahn looking over my shoulder toward the gnoll home. Before I could say a word, he had held up his hand for silence. Whispering to me that I was to stay right behind him while we went inside. He had been part of a scouting mission against Splitpaw once before and knew where to go. I nodded my agreement and double checked to see that all my things were strapped on tight and not going to make any unwanted noise.

With a couple whispered words and a mystical symbol drawn in the air above me, my skin tingled and we both vanished from normal sight. As I followed behind Twisterkahn, I thought for sure he would turn to me signalling that I was making to much noise. My heart was pounding so hard I thought for sure it alone would give us both away. Before I knew it, we were inside the cell holding the man I had come to see, Brother Hayle. I quickly took out the papers I had proving that I was a Paladin of Marr and sent here to obtain the magic that only he possessed.

Brother Hayle looked at me as if he could see into my soul, then in a voice rough from not having been used much. He asked for the components he would need, which I quickly took out of the pack I had with me. While Hayle went to work, Twisterkahn and I stood watch by the door incase we were spotted.

It didn't take long for Brother Hayle to finish. He called me over to the back of the room and placed the grandest looking sword I had ever seen into my hands. "Lady Zandra," he softly spoke," you are worthy of this sword and shall wear it with pride. Tunare has chosen you to enforce good upon this land." I had just enough time to thank Brother Hayle, when I felt a rush of magic surround me. Then after a moment of falling, I found myself standing next to Twisterkahn in the middle of the North Ro Desert. All I had left to do now was send in a report that my mission was finally done, that I had been bestowed with the Soulfire Blade. That little ol' me had somehow managed to catch the notice of Tunare herself.

I looked upon Twisterkahn's face, in the shadows of his robes and thought I saw a faint smile before he disappeared from my view. It didn't take long for me to make my way home. Lorin stood in the doorway with a smile on his face and a welcome embrace after a long absence. He gently lifted my face up to his, "I told you we were meant to be together my love. The Holy Paladin and his lady." "I guess you were right," I whispered as I tickled him and ran giggling into the bedroom with Lorin fast at my heels.

Meanwhile, Twisterkahn stood in the center of a darkened room giving his report. "You were right M'Lord, she has an inner strength that rises when the need is there. Even though she doubts herself, she always comes through."
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