"End of an Era - Prologue"

The crisp morning air flooded the skies with a clear aura of life as Deikon stood atop a large rock near the famed fortress of The Syndicate, Arx Draconis. As he let the cool air brush against him and the drops of sea water that collided into him as the waves crashed into the shores, he looked back five years from that very day. It was the fifth year anniversary of his brother’s death. It’s been five years since Deikon struck down an evil that plagued the lands for so much time. Yet, when he killed his brother that summer morn, he killed a part of himself. To this day, he still cannot face that fact that he killed the one that he once cared for. Deikon felt betrayed by his brother and himself.

Deikon gathered his things and straightened his tunic. He wiped the tears from his eyes that was a factor of pain in which he inflicted upon himself five years ago. It eternally dwelled inside him, never to be released. Deikon had other matters to attend to before he could treat his pains with an ancient Shin Pao meditation technique.

Slowly, Deikon approached the main chambers of Arx Draconis where the lights were dim and the entrance to the throne room was located. He was to speak with his good friend and leader of The Syndicate to clear some matters up that was of great importance to him.

Deikon approached the large doors leading to the throne room and knocked several times until the doors opened almost by magic at a calm and steady pace. At the end of a long walkway was the throne which seated a man of great importance. A man with great strengths and accomplishments. A man who led a community of strong people.

Respectfully, Deikon approached the man full with honor and saluted him with pride. “Lord Dragons, there is a matter which I must speak to you of. It may not be of great importance to you or anyone else who lay foot in Arx Draconis, but it is of great importance to me.”

Dragons slightly leaned over in Deikon’s direction. He kindly smirked and nodded to Deikon’s appeal, “Carry on.”

“As you may have known already, five years ago was the day I took the life of my brother for the corruption he placed upon these lands. Something you may not know, however, is that shortly before his death I witnessed one of his crimes.” Deikon took a deep breath and continued, “I was in a small village when I heard cries of pain from a nearby shelter. I tried to get there in time to help but it was too late. A family was slaughtered almost right before my eyes. However, not all was lost. A baby, sir...” Deikon stumbeled in his speech.

“A baby?” Dragons questioned.

“Yes sir, a baby was all that was left. All that was left of the family.” Deikon lowered his head and tried to control himself.

Dragons creeped up to the edge of the towering throne, “And what happened to this baby?”

“Well sir,” Deikon replied, “That is what I have come to speak to you of. You see, that day I took the baby to care for it myself. For the past five years I have kept it a secret. The child remains in my quarters. He has done little for the past five years and I ask of your permission to train him. I understand that we are not to have foreigners in the member’s chambers but I felt that this could not be attended to in any other fashion. I apologize for this, sir.”

Dragons rose to his feet and looked down at the man of medium build, “You have disobeyed the rules, Deikon. However, I do agree that this is rather...different in some aspects. Therefore, I shall grant you your wish. The boy may stay, under certain regulations. He must stay within these walls for the majority of each day. He may leave the premisis under certain conditions. He is fully your responsibility and he must not get in the way of anyone else’s business. Do you understand?”

Deikon nodded, “Yes sir, completely.”

Dragons began to sit back down but stopped midway and looked back up at Deikon, “Did you say you were going to train the boy?”

“Yes sir, I did.” Deikon replied.

“How old is this boy now?” Dragons questioned.

“He is almost six years old now. In the ways of Shin Pao, it is said that a child may begin training at this age. Very young it is, but it will ensure he will be very strong by the time he is a teenager.”

“Very well,” Dragons replied, “And what is the boy’s name?”

“After a bit of research I found out his name was Jaydrick, sir. Jaydrick Kessel. Would you like to see him sometime?”

A grin instantly covered Dragons face, “Later, my son. I have other business to attend to right now.” With that, Deikon saluted Lord Dragons and he made his way back to his quarters.

When he approached his room, he slowly opened the door not to wake the boy that lay on the bed at the end of the room. Unfortunately, as quiet as he was, the boy still woke to see Deikon standing in the doorway. A smile appeared on the blond haired boy as he rubbed his eyes.

Deikon approached the young boy with a smile, “Would you like to go outside?”

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