"Azifar the Wood Elf - part 1"

Azifar Sev'Lenus
The sun rose slowly spreading its warm rays across the dew covered forest while the birds sung in praise to Tunare Mother of All for the start of a new day. Azifar Sev'Lenus stretched away the mornings stiffness from his body and prepared as it was to be a very important day indeed. The wood elf quickly made his way down the path and just as suddenly disappeared within the foliage as another dark form shared his secret path. Azifar knew his presence so close to this foul place would not avoid detection for long against such a skilled adversary reassuringly placing his hands on the hilts of his twin Ebony Blades. The dark form continued its approach as indeed the figure of a dark elf made her way closer to the still hidden form of the ranger.

The "drow" as Azifar had named the vile dark elves continued to whisper in arcane tones as dark light emanated an aura around her black skinned body. A wizard, Azifar thought in disgust as she continued to draw closer as if she was sensing his presence already. With a brief prayer to Tunare Azifar called upon the forces of nature while vines and branches struck out like snakes entangling the dark elf as she screamed out in astonishment.

With a twisted smile Azifar leaped from his concealment and drove both of his magical Ebony Blades through the trapped form of the dark elf and to his surprise the form vanished! Infuriated that he fell for such an obvious trick Azifar dove just catching a slight sting from the bolt of lighting blasting through the nearby trees.

"Come now wood elf make it easy on yourself and I will make your death quick." the vile dark elf taunted from her vantage point high among the tree tops held aloft by her dark magic.

Her response was that of an arrow slicing through the trees being caught inches from the heart of the drow by the magical shield surrounding her body. With a hiss the drow called again to her dark god Innoruuk summoning another bolt of green lightning blasting yet more of the trees not hitting her mark.

"Seem you've fallen from favor of your lord and master bitch of Innoruuk as your most powerful arcane have all but singed a couple trees." Azifar continued to taunt knowing the dark elves tendency to allow their hate to blind their judgment a common weakness of their kind.

With a howling scream the dark elf continued to hail rain of lighting bolts down upon the forest. Satisfied that the wood elf was nothing more then smoking cinder she slowly lowered down to the forest floor as her master would want some proof that the meddling elf was no more. Suddenly a swarm of fireflies assaulted her vision and turned just in time to see the wood elf leaping upon her.

"You pathetic weapons can not harm me as Innoruuk..." was her last words said as the power magic of the Ebony Blades sliced through the protective shields that the overconfident wizard had summoned and plunging deep within her body. Gasping trying to call upon some last sorcery to slay the vile wood elf and feed her dying rage but her lungs would take no breath.

"Tell Innoruuk that Azifar sent you." the ranger said as the fiery hatred in her eyes slowly burned out.

Careful to avoid any further detection from the dark elves of Castle Mistmore the fiends he was assigned watch over by Lord Dragons himself Azifar silently sped off towards the ancient druid ruins of Lesser Faydark. From his vantage point high among the trees Azifar could see the child and Zephy talking in hushed tones. "Good the boy lives" Azifar silently offered a prayer to Tunare and stealthily began his approach.

"So is this the son of Mistwalker Zephy?" Azifar questioned as the boy whirred around startled with eyes wide with fear.

"Aye it is, but you were not..." Zephy began but was interrupted as Azifar reached out grabbing the still frightened boy by the chin turning his head to and forth inspecting the smallest detail searching deep within his eyes.

"The physical form is that of a Mistwalker but this child is hardly worthy of such an honorable title. The fear has already been planted into his heart and spreading through his being. This one will never be a true Mistwalker..." Azifar looked on in disgust.

"Some compassion my friend this boy, Florin Mistwalker, has been through a great deal having his world turned upside-down and still has the blood of his mother staining his clothes." Zephy offered but Azifar was already departing back into forest.

"Remember your vow Azifar your role in this has not yet even begun!" Zephy shout but the Ranger was already gone as Zephy began to question if he was ever there at all but a trick of the mind.

"Who, who was that Zephy?" Florin questioned.

"That my boy was Azifar Sev'Lenus Ranger and protector of Lesser Faydark and pay him no mind he's always grumpy especially in the mornings. Now let us get to work as we have a long day ahead of us." Zephy explained all the while searching the surrounding woods for a hint that the Ranger had truly not deserted his vow and was near by.

Cloaked in the shadows Azifar watched on as Florin Mistwalker and Zephy continued their morning preparations. With a deep sign Azifar turned his gaze inward wondering why his words were filled with such anger. Was it something he saw that troubled him so or was it something in himself that he dared not confront?

"So what do you think friend?" the halfling, Malco, asked in concern.

"Bah! The boy doesn't have the heart and..." Azifar began but following his friend's gaze to himself took a second cleansing sigh and continued "Yes I miss Nandaine too as she has been gone too long and I fear she may have taken on more than she can handle. Damn she is so stubborn! Why doesn't she ever listen? She will end up..."

"Your wife will be fine Azifar, Lord Dragons would never ask of her something she was not capable of, trust in his wisdom. We all know your heart is true but you mask your feelings in such harsh tones. Nandaine is the best thing that ever walked into your life and perhaps her temperance can calm that raging fire in your soul." Malco finished, resting a reassuring hand upon the wood elf's shoulder as they watched protectively upon the two figures below busy at work.

Long Live the Syndicate!

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