"Patience, my friend"

Patience my friend, Patience”, speaks Lorin Darkbane as he lifts his head from the newly assigned recruit list. Twisterkahn lifts his head from his spell book, curiously studying his new arcane magic, attained on his last journey. “I have been patient, mi’lord.” Says Twisterkahn softly. “My time has come”. Lorin nods his head in agreement and slowly stands to his feet. “The time has come, indeed.” Says the mighty paladin of Marr. “Let us travel to the land beyond the lizard of Cazic, in order to search your destiny”. Twisterkahn, now standing, prepares himself for the journey. “Stand Close my friend, for the might of Solusek will not touch you from afar.” Lorin steps forward, yielding his blade of pure fire. An eerie light begins to flow from the hands of the might sorcerer. A portal of light engulfs the two and sends them on their way.

“Step forward, my son.” Says an unknown creature from beyond the fire ahead.

Twisterkahn moves silently, careful not to be caught off guard by the entity ahead.

“Closer.” Says the voice, “let me get a look of you.” Twisterkahn advanced cautiously, with his thoughts focused on the task ahead. Standing directly in front of the wall of flame, the wizard pulls back the hood from his head. “Leave Me, for you are merely an infant in the eyes of the immortals”, explains the voice. “Hear me oh blessed one, for I have traveled the world afar and have mastered the magic within it.” Remarks the wizard, now infuriated. “Well, do you have any witnesses of this so called Mastery of the Arcane?” says the voice, now approaching from within the fire. “Aye, my Lord”. “Who said that?”, remarked the voice. “It was I.”, Lorin Darkbane quietly steps from beyond the shadows, gallantly wielding his blade of inferno. “Sir Lorin!, It is you!”. The voice immerged from beyond the fire. A Large Wurm of many years stood before them, gleaming due to his Golden Scales. “Many Stories of the valiant Paladin Lorin Darkbane have been circulating throughout the Ring of Scale, for your bravery against the dread minions of Veeshan, we salute you.” The golden dragon bows humbly at the sight of Lorin, showing his gratefulness. “I will help you complete your quest, Twisterkahn, for you and your friend Lorin are worthy.” Twisterkahn stares at the wurm anxiously. “When can we start, my liege?”, asked the wizard. “Soon, my son, soon.”, explained the wurm with a slight gleam in his golden
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