"The Creation of Dragonbob"

Dragonbob, the story of that character is not truly known to be truth or fiction. I believe it is just an old fairy tale, but whom I hear it from believes different. It is said that Dragonbob is not truly a human, but a mix of dragon blood and human blood. As the story goes, Dragonbob's mother was a great tamer and new the ways of animals and creatures. But these were the creatures that were very popular in the old days, when she was alive, many years ago, before time was time. These were the more aggressive creatures such as the nightmares, scorpions, and wyrms. At this time, it is said that dragons were more abundant and less feared. They were also smaller without wings, lacking the ability to fly, and had very little magical abilities to protect themselves from larger creatures. They where also much faster and agile then the common dragon of today. There was a rumor at the time, which spoke of a dragon that had been created by the gods with a much greater power. It kept growing to tremendous sizes and had a very high intelligence. The tamer woman saw that taming this new breed of dragon would be a great challenge. She ventured out to where it was said to be.

As the tamer walked toward the dragon's den, she heard tremendous sounds and smoke billowing from its enclosure. As the woman step closer, the creature heard the footsteps and rushed toward her. With the tamer being inside the dragons' home, it felt threatened, thus being more aggressive. The woman was unprepared for the strong blow of the tremendous creature. She was thrown back, hitting the ceiling of the cave. Regaining her balance, she got up and tried to sooth the beast. With no luck and multiple bruises she retreated to her home village to rethink the situation. After days of endless pondering, the tamer returned to the den of the hideous beast, this time armed with a lute. She had always believed that it was possible to sooth even the most untamable creature with music. Then, as she stepped into the subterranean passage, the dragon came to the tamer. The woman played a soothing tune that calmed the creature. She stepped closer to the animal and laid a hand on it. Suddenly, a glow came from the connection of the woman and the dragon. The glowing did not stop but spread through the land leaving all stunned for a few moments. Then, the tremendous, even godly light stopped and neither dragon nor woman remained.

The only thing that was there was a small, stone-like object. The object had an odd glow of a greenish color. The object then shook and grew by double, and again doubled, and so on until it was the size of a human. The object broke open, revealing a human-like creature, which was called, for lack of a better name, Dragonbob. Dragonbob was born with uncanny knowledge and instinct. He walked to the lower levels of the cavern and found young kin of the now missing creature. Obviously, this was the cause of the creature's aggression. These dragons grew to the size of its elder and spread throughout the land. Dragonbob however went deeper into the caverns not to be seen or heard from for many years, until he amerced from the depth of the earth to take his rightful place with his kin.

When he went to the surface, he found that the humans had taken over most of the land, and killed his dragon brethren. For this, Dragonbob was outraged and battled many people to avenge the deaths of his brethren. After much thought of his actions, he realized that all could live in peace instead of the continuous violence. Seeing this light of his wrongdoing, he learned to live with the humans.

Dragonbob however was still different than the humans. Not counting the fact that he had wings, which didnít seem to work, and his scales, he had something else the humans didnít have. He was what the humans would call, an oracle, one that could see the future. But as I said, many people believe this to be just a story for grandparents to amaze their grandchildren with. If it is true, no one can ever be certain.
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