"The Creation of Goon the III"

In the beginning The Lord Terror named Diablo stepped up and was corrupting the world of innocent people. Until one day the mighty full warrior Gohan came along. He was a stunning strong boy with amazingly strong weapons. As he grew older his father Hammer joined Deaths Axemen only to be known as the strongest pkk guild ever. They feared nothing and everybody knew them, the pitiful pk's tried everything to detroy these people but no such luck. Hammer was the second in command and all respected him he was head general. Then Gohan joined young strong boy with exceedingly great ability all respected him for he was Hammers son. As the months went on he grew to be a general, not as powerful yet as his father but he still grew. The Clan leader then choose to make The Four Horsemen he picked the four greatest members and made them the leaders all equal. Hammer evolved to Conquest, Mad~Man evolved to Pestilence, Kingbob evolved to WAR, and finally the head man was changed to the equal as the other 3 Gesaquance evolved to Death. Although young Gohan was to young to be made a horsemen he followed in their foot steps for years to come.

As Gohan fought his was through battles he felt something with in him trying to come out but was not working. He slayed the great butcher destroyed the Bone King and defeated Laserise. Now was the time Diablo must be defeated as the Four Horsemen made it to diablo before they were defeated, But Gohan swung with his forceful sword. He destroyed the beast with only 1 piece of life left.

Gohan was rewarded for his great remarkable deed by the towns people and the four horsemen, but he still felt the presence of some tremendous power trying to get out. Then the worst came to be. DBD the greatest pk clan had reached the land of Death Axemen. DBD destroyed Death Axemen many times, there powers to much for them. But DBD was falling apart to much the power was to great and destroying them selves. The road above the Death Axemen for long.

When things couldn't get any worse Diablo was back, Bigger and stronger this time. He unlocked his older brothers but 1 of them ran for the time being. The deaths Axemen fell apart during these times. The 4 new Horse men were created, yes Gohan was one of them finally, he took his fathers place. As the years went on Gohan destroyed Mephisto (diablos brother) and Diablo with no challenge. Till the one day DBD was back stronger then ever. Gohan did not know what to do. He fought them off but their cheats were to much. Until the final day the Ultimate leader of DBD challenged Gohan to one finaly battle. If DBD lost they left all legit people alone, if they won Gohan was destroyed and so was Deaths Axemen. The battle was furious the might swords swung the spells flamed and then the final blow came. The forceful sword of Heron (DBD leader) came to Gohans head. He feel with blood to his side he was defeated. Heron and the rest of DBD laughed at the pitiful Gohan as they left the game.

5 months later DBD was shocked to find out a mindless fool had challenged 3 not 1 but their 3 highest leaders including Heron to a battle. They took the offer with a little chuckle they teleported to the place of Kurok Docks. There they met the challenger of them. His name was GOON he stood with shining armor and mighty sword and sheild. They laughed at the MAN who stood there. As the battle start Goon defeated the first 2 with no challenge Heron was only left. Heron notice the fighting technique had a bit a similarity to Gohans but it couldn't have been. They battled and battled and finally Goon slashed through Heron's armor as he went down Goon said "remember me? I feel childishly to ur sword as was I young and week. But I have discovered the power that was trying to rise out of him was yet the powerful Goon his oldest and strongest ancestor. Heron was defeated as Deaths Axemen could never be brought back again Goon left to a different world.

But as ever voyager goes he usually meets a girl. As goon went through the galaxy he saw sum different things. He met a girl name Nolin she was a fantastic warrior a healer as well. They traveled together and had a son named Goon the II was a very bulk built boy who took off from his parents at age 15. Goon was informed with a decease that would soon kill him. Goon soon passed away with the sorrow of Nolin she was slayed by the vulture demons.

Goon the II took off. More of a amazing fighter then his father. But the difference Goon was loyal Goon the II wasn't. He trained with the Overlords of Hell. He was loyal friends with the Saber Cats. He got together with the head leader Saber cat who was part wraith. They ended up having the final Goon the III. He was thee most Ultimate warrior ever. With the skill his father gave him and the back ground. He was part Wraith, Saber Cat, orc/human and he was trained like an overlord and the other back grounds. For fun he slayed the ultimate creatures.

Goon the II and Sabor both stayed back and sent Goon the III to his destiny to fight in a different realm. Goon III then took off to fight in a different world. He found him self in a different way different place then before. This place had animals to tame and animals to ride. Different monster's much stronger. He had to start him self from scratch he remembered all his skill's from the last world but those could not help him here. He had to change he skills to something like a fencer with parrying tactics maybe even macing healing anatomy and maybe resistance to help him from magical creatures. He wanted to be a healer because his grandmother Nolin was one. Until she was slayed.

He fought hard and ran into different friends from the past. He joined a Guild called E.K. that did not work out. He then went on to try factions with in feluccia he then left that with to much difficulty. He then moved to a family LGL a closed in family but not a very good guild. That guild fell and he was left alone again. He then heard some passing travelers talking about the oldest and largest guild LLTS. He then went to check that out. He put in a request to join. He then got replied to saying he was excepted to be a member. He joined the guild and has been there ever since. But the great deamon force's keep rising to him… a stronger being is looking for him and he knows it… he knows its something from his past.
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