"Lorin's Journey - part 1"

I was born to a poor family in Freeport, my Father was a leather merchant and my Mother was a homemaker. At the young age of 9, I lost my mother and father. A Host of Undead invaded Freeport. My father fought well but was overpowered and killed. My mother was taken by a number of the Undead and never seen again. I vowed to find her and so I made the trek to the known hideout Befallen and sought the Undead. I entered the Dungeon and tried to be as quiet as I could, Lacking any kind of skill I was soon confronted by large Skeleton Guards and captured. I was placed into a cell with many others and when I called out my motherís name I was informed that she was no longer here. After asking everyone in the cell with me, over and over I was finally told that she was feed to the Evil Ghouls the live in this dark and dank Pit. My hatred and anger began to build inside my young body.

I was kept in the cell for many days, the guards never thought much about feeding us, so food was scarce. I awoke to a loud noise one morning and rose to see what had happened to awaken me. I could see the guards outside the cell and one-minute they were there and the next minute there was a loud crack and the guards were no more. Our cell door was opened and in stepped a very large man clad in metal from head to toe. He removed his helm and looked at all of us in the cell. Come he said, this day all of thee will see the sun again. I rose to my feet and tried to walk, but not having eaten very much in the last couple of days, I was weak and shaky on my feet. A white cloaked figure came into the room and touched each of us on the head, I felt strength enter my body and I could stand without shaking. I walked through the cell door and saw the boned of the Skeletons that had once been my jailers. The hate and anger that still burned inside of me rose up and I took one of the swords on the ground and ran into the halls, seeking out that which I hated the most. I struck down one Skeleton and moved to another. I could see many men and women fighting in front of me and I ran to join them, the Hatred building more in me. I swung at anything that was a bone, I donít know how long I fought or how many I killed if any but I was brought out of my fighting fever by two very large arms wrapped around me and holding me in the air. A voice sounded in my head, Cease boy, there is nothing left in this Place, it is time for us to leave. The voice was the last thing I heard before the Darkness overtook me and I collapse.

I awoke in a bed weak and confused, was it all a dream or was it real. I yelled for my mother and the door to my room opened and a Lady in a White robe entered. She said nothing but laid her hands on my head and spoke a few words, most of the weakness I felt vanished. She smiled at me and left me where I laid. Confused by this event and the other memories that were now coming back to me, the door opened again and in walked the large Man that had opened my Cell door. Good morning I am Sir Rodnin, I am glad that you have finally awakened. He gave me food and drink that he carried and told me of the event that had happened. He told me of all that had happened in the Befallen dungeon and that he was sorry that they were not in time to save my mother. At the mention of my mother the Hate returned in force. I told him of my Plans to go back and get my Vengeance on the Undead of Befallen. Rodnin laughed and pushed me back down into the bed and said You killed 6 of the Greater Skeletons yourself when freed from the cell, but we must need teach thee the proper way to fight and defend thy self. You fought without any concern for thyself, this is not how to win battles. After much discussion Rodnin told me I could stay with the Holy order of Paladins if I choose to and he would even sponsor me to be a squire or higher if I was able. I agreed to do as he wished, but the hate began to grow.

I stayed with the Marr Paladins for many years, learning all the weapon craft they could teach. I was given the title of Paladin after 12 years of study, still the hate was there in me, and the desire to go and kill all in that dungeon. When I was able to go out in to the world and help those in need I headed for Befallen. I entered the Dungeon and slew the guards with ease. I made my way deeper into the bowels of this evil place. After killing many Undead and only taking minor wounds I was confronted by large force of undead. With no fear I waded into their mist and killed as many as I could. Even with the might of Marr behind me I knew I would not survive this Day. After taken numerous wounds, some I feared fatal, I called upon Mighty Marr and received a healing. I knew my time was short and I sent a prayer to my God. Tiredly I went to meet the horde in front of me. I laid into their mist with all my might, skeletons lay all around me and the rest had again retreated back to regroup. I knew this would be my last stand. I felt for the burning hatred inside of soul, that which had sustained me all of my life and found the well empty. This is my time I said to myself, I give my self the thee Marr. I stood and awaited the charge to come. The Undead horde rushed towards me, they knew I would fall soon. I raised my Blade to strike when a Blinding white light encompassed the undead horde. I rubbed my eyes to regain my sight, when I could finally see the Undead was gone and many of their hordes lay on the ground. Before me stood a Wood Elf clad in the leather of the forest and to his right stood a Figure dressed in black. The wood Elf approached me and said, Dose your life have so little meaning that you would just throw it away. With what little strength I had, I stood.

I seek only to rid this world of all undead Sir, mine life is forfeit and of no importance, all evil must be destroyed. I thank thee for thy aid good sir, how may I repay thee. My name is Dragons, the Wood Elf said, and this is my trusted friend Demandred, if you wish to repay me then come to my camp and rest, for the undead will be here still. I agreed to follow him and we made our way back out of the dungeon with out incident. Dragons gave me food and water and soon I fell asleep from exhaustion. I awoke to a sunny day and tiredness in all of my body. Dragons saw me awake and came to my side. He gave me more food and water and we talked throughout the day. I would fall asleep and when I awoke he would be there. Always Dragons was by my side when I awoke. After a time my strength returned to me and Dragons asked me why I had gone into such a dangerous place alone. I told him of my hatred for the Evil undead. What has given you such a hatred of the undead, Dragons asked. I told him my story. I told him of the Paladin guild that I had trained at and of my Plans to rid this land of all evil. At the end of my story Dragons stood and looked at me with concern and caring in his eyes, My Large friend, there are better ways to cleanse the land of these foul monsters. If you wish to end your life then I cannot stop you, but if you would like to complete the quest that you have placed before yourself then I may be able to assist you in your mission. Dragons told me then of the guild; he explained the purpose of the Syndicate and what it meant to be a part of his family. I offer you a place within my family Lorin. It is yours if you choose to accept it, but be warned, there will be much expected of you and you will not be allowed to do such foolish things as your last rampage. Like the training you received with the Paladins of Marr, you must prove yourself a worthy member of the Syndicate Family before you will be accepted fully. I stood up and looked at Dragons. Although Dragons was not a tall or large man, I could almost feel the power of is presence as I stood to face him. Here was a man that could do everything he put his mind to. The hatred within me receded, and I felt a longing for what this man seem to have. I knelt on one knee before him and bowed my head. Sir I swear to follow thee and obey thy command and the commands of those that thou dose put above me. Dragons placed his hand on my head and said, Lorin I accept your pledge and will hold you too it, be welcome into the Greatest guild in all the land. From deep within me I felt a hole filled, a smile crossed my face as I felt the love and joy of friendship for the first time. You have chosen well Lorin; I now name thee Lorin Darkbane, and know that forever will you be the Bane of all darkness in the land. Rise Sir Lorin and be welcome brother.

I rose to my feet and clasps hands with my new Liege Lord. Demandred step from the trees and clasp hand with me and bid me welcome. I gazed upon Demandredís face for the first time. Because of his dark cloak I thought he may be disfigured but to my surprise I looked upon the face of a Dark Elf. Be welcome, Demandred said, although we do serve different Gods, still we can serve Lord Dragons and be brothers still. My allegiance dost lay with Lord Dragon now and I will not raise my hand against my brother, fear me not, I told Demandred. A small smile spread across Demandredís face, I do not fear thee my brother, Dragon dose not make hasty judgements so I trust him in all things. A flash of light crossed Demandredís eyes as he let go of my hand. As he turned to leave I could feel the power that followed this man. In moments he was again lost to me in the trees. I knew I should fear this man but all I felt was awe at the power that he did command. One day I to would walk with the confidence and strength this man possessed. Dragon look at me and said, Yes one day you too may possess that which you see, but this must be earned and worked for. You have a long journey ahead of you my friend, I think you will make it if your heart is in it. Now your sword doses belong to the guild and you will live to aid her in all ways. I have a mission for you in the Greater Faydark. Take this letter and seek one known as Azifar, he will tell you what to do when you arrive. Be safe and know that you are part of a large family. If any ask show them this and they will know you are one of the Syndicate. I leaned forward and Dragon placed an Amulet on a chain around my neck. Wear this with pride, for with it comes many responsibilities. With that, Dragons picked up the rest of his gear and head off into the forest. I turned to the west and started the long walk to the Boat docks in Freeport. I have never been to the Lands of Greater Faydark, but where my Lord would send me I would go. With a light step I started my Journey with the Syndicate and this new found life I have discovered.

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