"The Dark Path's Price"

Silently she moved to the darkened doorway, crouching low and unseen, her heart pounding harder and harder. She could feel him near, the hunger for his pain grew more and more as she crept closer to the door way.

The hunger became overpowering as she glanced around the doorframe, seeing him standing there with his friends. I cannot kill him, she thought to herself. I must feel his pain, the sweet pain of loss. Her hunger filled eyes slowly moved from the dwarf to the wood elf standing near him. Pure hatred filled her mind as she studied the female wood elf. This was the one way she knew to bring him such pain, what better way then to take that from him he loves most.

Quickly she hid in the darkness of the doorway as the dwarf and his friends came her way. Swords drawn, the dwarf and company passed her and headed through the hallway. After a few moments she stood and began to follow, a plan already forming in her mind. The hunger faded some but it always did when her prey moved farther from her.

The hunger pushed her to go faster, to be sedated and filled. Always had the hunger been there, pushing her on when others would have dropped, always did it fill her. As she moved forward after her prey her mind tried again to remember before the hunger. It had always been a part of her and her mind could not remember anything else. She remembered the dark one telling her how to fill the hunger inside of her. Only one humanís pain would fill her; this one Paladin of power. She had followed the dark ones words and sought out this Paladin only to be swept aside, his power far exceeding hers. The dark one had pulled her back from deaths gate with new instructions to fill the hungers need.

If we cannot touch this holy warrior then perhaps someone of importance to him will do, the dark one said as she knelt before him in a dark place. Seek his friends and loved ones and hurt him through them. If we cannot touch Lorin Darkbane himself then we shall take his loved ones

Master, she said to the dark one as only one question entered her mind; the same question that had been there from the beginning, stronger then the hunger it filled her mind. Who am I Master, she said lowering her head again.

Who are you? the dark one answered. You are no one; you are a tool that we will use to our ends. You serve me and through me, you serve our dark lord. It is he that gave you that hunger so that you may better know he who you hunt.

But Master I must know, what is my name? she said as she looked up to the shroud covered figure, her body shaking with fear of his displeasure.

Long had this hunger been with her, there was not a time she knew that the hunger wasnít there. Still more demanding was the desire to know who she was, what her name was, and how she came to be. Times she could remember things, things like images of her and others. Pictures in her mind came unbidden at times; images of her smiling, crying, fighting and dying. Parts of memories and nothing more, no names to give those in the images with her, no names or places could she remember, most of all her own. Long had she hungered to know her own name.

Please master, she said. It is a simple request I ask of thee.

The dark figure raised a arm and spread his fingers wide. Slowly he touched the womanís head. The woman reared back as one word could now be seen in her mind, one word written in blood, Amberyl.

Slowly Amberyl opened her eyes, she was again lying on the floor, and the sudden rush of power into her mind had caused her to collapse. The dark one stood above her as she rose again to her knees.

You have done well small one and for that I grant you this one request, the dark one said. Ask not again for anything. You live by my hand and will not question me again. Now go and seek out Lorinís friends, you must fulfill you hunger.

Amberyl shook her head and quickened her steps to catch her prey. She had spent long months searching for friends of Lorin. She had found his wife and relished the pain Lorin felt when her knife took his loves life. Still it was not enough, the hunger demanded more still. On she had gone, searching for others, the hunger guiding her onward. Five other times she had found one of his friends alone. Five times her blade struck and five times the hunger was filled, only to renew itself and push her onward again and again.

For a month she had followed Rorinís trail. She had watched from trees as he and his wood elf friend attacked the lizards, hoping to free the wood elf bard. They would have won had Amberyl not alerted the other lizards near by. She laughed as reinforcements overcame the small team and took them to their lair. She had snuck into the lizardís lair, thinking of and easy kill but Rorin was not in his cell when finally she found it. She had watched from a distance as he and his friends made their way down the hall, killing all in their path.

Then it happened, the change. Always the hunger had pulled her after Lorinís friends or family, always could she feel where Lorin was, not matter the distance. When Rorin had freed the bard, he had looked up and down the hallway, and his gaze had met with hers. Then the change had happened, no longer did she feel Lorin but now she felt Rorin instead. She knew with out question that the master had changed her target. Without hesitation she sought to cause Rorin pain instead of Lorin, never questioning the change, merely recognizing the switch.

She watched as Rorin came out of the large pit and the ogre followed. She watched as they ate and bound their wounds. She watched as they prepared themselves for more fighting. Each time waiting and watching for a time to strike. She now knew how to cause Rorin pain, that skinny woof elf with him. Always she was close, touching and smiling at him. Her feelings for the dwarf were clearly written on her face. Amberyl knew his loss of her would surely fill the hunger once and for all.

They had reached the entrance to the lair, the male wood elf left the group to scout ahead. Amberyl hid in the shadows near them, her eyes on the woman always near Rorinís side. A few guards on patrol came by the group and Rorinís friends made short work of them. The wood elf returned and the party made their way to the trees. Amberyl quietly walked to the entrance of the lair and stopped. The hunger again pulled her in the direction Rorin and his party had taken. Amberyl started off in his direction as another lizard guard appeared from the trees. With out slowing a step, Amberyl lifted her hands, spoke a few words and the lizard froze in his tracks. As she walked past the lizard her knife slashed out, separating its head from the rest of its body. Without thought to the kill, Amberyl continued on.

For days Rorinís party continued on, staying close to the forest and posting guards each night. Amberyl stayed back, watching and waiting. A plan had formed in her mind and soon she would act upon it.

Five days out from the lair, Rorinís party again stopped for the night and began to prepare camp. Amberyl had watched each night, and each night the same things would happen. The party would build a fire; start a meal and then posting a guard, sleep. Each night the guard would be changed ever two hours. Each night the same rotation of guard shifts. The hunger became stronger as Amberyl planned to take her prize this night.

Two hours past midnight, Amberyl watched as Rorinís woman awoke the ogre for guard duty. Silently Amberyl crept up on the ogre. Her skill at stealth was perfect and before he knew she was there, Amberyl reached out and touched him. The ogreís eyes closed and he slumped to the ground, sleep taking him completely. Silently she crept into the camp, stopping at each bedroll, again and again touching each person and again her skillful touch ensured deep sleep. Finally she approached Rorin, near him lay his woman. Amberyl look down upon the dwarf, a smile spreading across her face. Softly she spoke words or power, words different then those that would make him sleep.

Rorinís eyes opened with alarm. He was sitting up and before him stood a Dark Elf. He tried to stand but he felt the force holding him tight. The dark elf smiled as she lean down and spoke in his ear.

Time for pain small one, Amberyl said to Rorin.

Anger welled up in Rorin as the dark elf stepped away from him and knelt over Kaylarea sleeping form. With one last evil smile at Rorin, the dark elf raised a black dagger above Kayís chest.

Rorin push and tried with all of his strength to move but to no avail. Panic and fear swept over Rorin as he watched the blade descend towards Kayís chest.

Amberyl felt the pain and fear fill her from Rorin as she raised the blade. The hunger eagerly devoured the pain from Rorin. As the blade began its plunge towards Kayís chest a voice rang out in Amberylís head.

DO NOT KILL HER! the voice resounded in her head. Amberyl halted her knife mere inches from Kayís chest, the voice filling her mind with instructions.

With a slight smile, Amberyl sheathed her blade and pulled some leather strips from her pouch. Quickly and efficiently Amberyl bound Kayís legs and arms. With a grunt of effort, Amberyl pulled Kay up and on to her shoulder. Turning towards Rorin Amberyl said, Well Rorin seems my lord wishes to meet you in person. Be a good boy and come quickly while your woman lives. With those words said, Amberyl turned and ran into the woods, Kay draped over her shoulder. Rorin watched in horror as Kay was taken from him, still unable to move or call out. Emotions ran through his mind, fear, hate, rage, and loss.

Amberyl carried Kay through out the night. Stopping only for food and water and to speak words of power on Kay, continuing her slumber. The hunger was sedated but her master voice in her head continued to call her and push her forward. Amberyl lost count of the days she ran with Kay, lost track of how long she had been without sleep and rest. Still the voice pushed her on, stopping to drink of the special brew that gave her the strength to carry Kay and go without sleep. Weary and stumbling, Amberyl at last came within sight of her master home.

The castle was large and eerie. The guards stepped away as Amberyl came upon them. The castle gate was razed as she approached and then closed as she pass through. Without thought, Amberyl made her way through the corridors and down deep into the castle. Coming to a stop before a large door, Amberyl knocked.

You may enter small one, a voice said from behind the door.

Amberyl pushed the door open and stepped inside. She could remember many rooms in the castle but this was her first time in this one. The room was suitable for a King; the floors were covered in expensive pelts, the walls layered in wood panels. The fireplace gave off warmth and light. At the back of the room behind a large desk sat her master, shrouded still in a cloak. Amberyl approached the desk and lowered Kay to the floor.

You have done well young one, the dark one said from behind his desk. I trust you left a trail for Rorin to follow?

Yes my master, I left a well marked trail for him to follow, Amberyl replied.

Good, very good Amberyl, the dark one said.

Master? Amberyl said with a hint of fear in her voice. Why was she allowed to live, why did you stay my hand?

Do you question me small one, the dark one said.

No master, I merely am curious is all, Amberyl replied.

Well do not be, suffice it to say that I want to enjoy the pain with you. The pain Rorin will feel without his love with him, the dark one said. I want to see the pain in his eyes as his love lies dead at his feet, and the pain his lord will feel when word reaches him of what else I have done, the dark one said. There is more here then you know and when our guest has arrived I shall call for you. Until then I suggest you seek what rest you can for soon I believe he will be here and then we both can enjoy the pain.

Amberyl nodded her head and turned to the door. Rest and sleep entered her mind; she began to feel the cost of her long journey. Slowly Amberyl closed the door, watching her master leer over the body of Rorinís love.



Anger and the feeling of loss filled Rorinís mind. For hours after the dark elf had taken Kay, he had been unable to move. Hours he was held and his mind bombarded him with fear, loss and anger.

Globy was the first to awake, calling to the others in alarm as he rose to his feet. It took him only a moment to realize that the others had been spelled. Quickly Globy stepped from one person to another, releasing them from the spell that held them. Rorin jumped to his feet, words tumbling out of his mouth. The other stood in shock as Rorin told all that had happened. In moments the party started in motion. Finn and Darvo ran off into the woods, yelling behind them as they went that they would find the trail. Globy and Keara began to gather the supplies into the packs. Rorin stood shakily, fear pounded in his heart. Anger burned in his mind. One thought hit him and slowly he reached down into his tunic, pulling free the medallion and holding it in his hand.

Again Rorin heard Lorinís voice, In times of great need, call upon thy family and they will come. Hold this close to thee and with your mind, send your request. Fear not we will come.

Rorin clasped the medallion tightly and closed his eyes. With all his heart he sent his mind at the symbol of The Syndicate. LORIN! I need thee, some one has taken Kaylarea. Rorin tried his best to send images of the dark elf and what happened. He felt the medallion grow hot in his hand and then cool. Opening his eyes, Rorin looked at the medallion, it appeared unchanged.

We found the trail! Darvo yelled as he and Finn came running back into the camp.

Rorin quickly stuffed the medallion back in his tunic and turned to Darvo.

It was not hard to find, Darvo said. I think she wants us to follow her

And we will, Rorin said as he took his pack from Globy. Keara can you help us to run faster?

Easily done, Keara said as she strummed he lute.

Rorin felt his legs pulse with the power of KearaĎs song. Glancing at the others and with a nod of his head, the party followed Darvo at an incredible speed.

Three days they ran, stopping for brief sleep and food. Three days Rorinís mind raced with questions. Three days of fear and anger building inside of him. KearaĎs song made it possible for them to move faster then normal. Darvo and Finn easily followed the trail. Globy gave them strength and endurance when they began to falter. The party came upon the castle mid afternoon the third day.

Rorin scanned the castle from the forest line. Many dark elves could be seen patrolling the area. The gate was down and the walls to high to climb. Despair began to grow inside Rorin.

Night would be the best time to sneak in Rorin, Darvo said. Finn and I have scouted all around the castle and the back is impossible to enter.

Your right Darvo, Rorin said. Letís get back in the woods a bit and wait for night fall.

One hour past night fall, they moved to the front of the castle. Globy had come up with the idea to enter the castle quickly. Globy raised his hands and power flowed from his hands and encased his entire body. With a wink at Keara, Globy ran towards the castle with great speed. Towards the guards he sped, his long lance held in his hand ready for a fight. The guards were ready for him, raising their swords and rushing towards Globy.

Rorin knew that Globy would not survive and he began to run. Along side of him Darvo and Finn came, weapons drawn and ready. Kearaís song filled their ears and they feet again began to move faster then normal.

Globy had engaged two dark elves and more came from the castle still. Rorin and Darvo reached Globyís side as he kill the last of the two dark elves. Keara and Finn one step behind Darvo and Rorin.

They knew to expect us Rorin, Globy said.

Would seem so my friend, Rorin replied. It is of no matter still; ready your selves for more come. They watched as 10 more dark elves came towards them, swords raised and moving together.

Darvo and Finn stood next to Rorin, Globy and Keara behind, their magic words and songs filling the air.

The first elf reached the party and Darvoís blade was a blur, separating the sword arm from the rest of the elfís body. Quickly Darvo moved on to the next elf as his first foe fell to the ground. Rorinís blade rang out as he meet a dark elfís blade; quickly he stepped to the side and swung his blade again, this time finding soft elf flesh. Finnís blade sought and found the soft flesh under the armor of another elf and quickly she pulled her blade free and stepped to the next, blood dripping from her freed blade. Globyís spells rained down upon the remaining elves, some falling in their tracks, other unable to move Rorin and Darvo felt the muscles bulged as Globyís spells settled on them, both feeling the increase in their strength. Their blades feeling light in their hands, Darvo, Finn, and Rorin greeted the incoming Elves.

The fight continued on, Rorinís blade was covered in blood; he had lost count of how many he had dropped. Next to him, Darvo pulled free his blade and deflected another sword swing at his head. Finn danced back and sliced through the hand holding the sword that had tried to open her belly. Globy having used up his magic power, swing his lance cracked the next elf in the head, dropping him in his tracks. Kearaís voice filled the enemyís ears causing many to stared at the ground. With expert skill, Keara continued her song as she sliced the spell bound elf across the throat. The party stepped back as the last Elf fell to Darvoís blade. Panting heavy and only a few small wounds to show for their efforts.

The night was still as Globy motioned them to follow and the group headed to the front of the castle, blades held ready. Passing through the gate, Darvo motioned everyone behind a small guard shack.

Keara and I need a moment to regain some strength, Globy said as he sat hard upon the ground.

Rest for a few moments, I shall scout around, Darvo said.

Not alone your not, Finn said as she drew her blade and stepped up behind Darvo. Darvo smiled and stepped into the dark, Finn following close behind him.

Rorinís mind raced, he knew Kay was close, he could feel her presence near. Small hope filled his heart as he felt her alive. Five minutes passed and Darvo had not returned, Rorin tried his best to scan the surrounding area but his vision would not penetrate the night. Ten minutes passed and Rorin was growing increasingly nervous.

I should go look for them, Rorin said looking down at Globy and Keara, weariness clearly showing on their faces.

Stay Rorin, Globy said, Darvo knows what he is about and Finn is with him. They will return shortly, fear not.

Inpatients showed clearly on Rorinís face, his mind and heart knowing only the drive to find Kay.

A soft foot fall caused Rorin to pull his weapon free as Darvo and Finn stepped into view.

There are some guards around but we can be by them I think, Darvo said. Finn and I made it to what looked liked the main hall but we found no one there. Finn was able to catch one guard be surprise and he told us where the prisoners are kept.

I donít like it, Finn said. The guard gave up the information to quickly, this is a trap Rorin.

I know but what else can I do, I must help her, Rorin said. I will not ask this of any of you, I shall go in and get her back. All of you have been more help then I could have asked for, but I cannot ask you to take the chances here. I shall go alone.

Darvo grabbed Rorinís arm as he turned towards the main castle, We too have reasons to help her Rorin. Kay is our friend and she would risk much for us, how can we do naught but help her.

Darvo is right Rorin, Globy said as to began to stand. One will surely die where five will have a much better chance. Come my friend, we are with you in this and would see Kay free also.

Rorin looked from face to face, each showing determination and desire to aid Kay. With a nod of his head, Rorin motioned Darvo to lead the way. Darvo stepped into the front with Finn at his side, Rorin followed with Globy and Keara close behind. Quietly they made their way to the castle entrance, slinking from shadow to shadow in concealment.

The guard told of the entrance to the lower levels through that door, Finn pointed at the end of the main hall.

Darvo raised his hand stopping everyone in their tracks.

Best I look first, stay here till I return, Darvo said. You too Finn, Darvo said with a fierceness in his eyes. Finn stepped back as she saw the determination in Darvoís face.

Darvo was gone only a short moment when the sounds of metal on metal rang out in the hall. Without thought the party was moving, plunging through a doorway as they followed the sounds of steel. They party bursts into another hallway and into a party of Elves. Darvo was being hard pressed to defend off the three guards that were attempting to break past his sword. Rorin blade was free and he stepped in to the fight, catching one guard by surprise and rewarded with the feel of his blade sliding through flesh. The dead Elf on Rorin blade toppled to the ground, pulling Rorinís blade from his hand. Quickly Rorin scrambled for his sword, the next Elf turning towards him, blade raised and a sneer on its face. Rorin tugged at his blade but it was stuck fast, knowing what was coming, Rorin raised his arms to defend against the descending Elf blade. Bracing himself for the killing blow, Rorin crouched low, ready to jump to either side.

Magical energy sped over Rorinís head and slammed into the Elf, freezing him in place. Following the magic bolt, a long spear slammed into the Elf, piercing its chest and pinning it to the wall. Rorin glance behind him in time to see Globyís hand descend towards him. With a gentle but firm grip, Globy pulled Rorin to his feet, a large smile spreading across his face.

Rorin pulled his blade free and again the party moved down the hall, Darvo leading the way. Three more times Elf guards sprang from rooms and adjoining hallways, and three times the party dispatched them quickly. On and on the party progressed, following Darvoís lead, deeper and deeper into the castle they went. After what had seemed hours, Darvo stopped at a large set of double doors.

Hesitantly Rorin reached out and place a hand on the door and pushed, both doors swung easily and quietly open.

I have been expecting you, please come in, a heavy voice sounded from in the room.

The party followed Rorin as he stepped into the vast chamber, quickly the fan out around him. Rorin scanned the chamber, seeking the origin of the voice. A large alter stood in the center of the room, surrounded by torches. At the head of the alter stood a figure cloaked in dark robes, its features hidden from view. Slowly the party stepped closer to the alter.

Rorin halted his steps, before him on the alter lay Kay, bound to the alter by legs and wrist. Quickly Rorin raised his sword and started forward again.

Please continue should you wish her dead, the figure said as it placed a blade across Kayís throat.

Again Rorin halted his steps, his eyes locked on Kay and the black blade near her throat.

Much better little man, there is time yet before finish with her, the dark figure said. First letís take care of the rest of your friends shall we.

The Dark figure quickly raised his hands and black power flew from his hands, slamming into the party. Rorin spun around to his friends and watched the foul magic spreading across each of them. Rorin could only watch as each friend was incased in the foul black magic. Darvo frozen in the act of drawing his sword, Finn frozen with an arrow notched at her bow, Globyís hands raised above his head, and Kearaís hand frozen over her lute. Anger flooded Rorinís mind as he turned back to the dark figure, his sword again raised as he took another step towards the alter.

Again the dark figure raised his hands and magic slammed into Rorin, flowing down to his legs. Try as he could, Rorin could not lift his feet, held fast in place, Rorinís mind raced for ways of release.

Now that I have you attention, shall we continue with this wonderful event, the Dark figure said as he laid his blade on the alter near Kayís head and sat back into a chair behind him. Long has you lord caused me grief and hardship, long has your lord disrupted or plans and today it shall stop. I shall have my revenge and things shall be set right as they were before.

Long have I waited for the opportunity to act against your lord and bring and end to his rule. Today I shall begin the destruction of your lord and all that serve him. Today shall the Syndicate die, the Dark figures voiced boomed in the chamber. The Syndicate has ever been a thorn in my side, destroying plan after plan and all because we serve different Gods. Today that shall end, today I shall start with you Rorin, and today shall you know pain like never before. Before me your love, the one that has been with you from the beginning, behind you more friends that are dear to you. One by one I shall rift them of life, and one by one I will enjoy the pain you feel with each loss.

The dark figure stood and stepped up to the alter, slowly he pulled back his cloak hood, revealing his dark Elf race. With a smile in Rorinís direction, the dark elf took the knife from the alter and slipped it into his robes.

Are you ready yet little one, ready to watch your friends die one by one? the elf said.

Rorin push again and again, trying all he could to move his feet, his arms even his jaw, but to no avail, he was held fast. Fear and anger welled up in his mind and heart. Helpless to act, Rorin watched as the elf moved to the side of the alter and towered over Kayís sleeping form.

I think it best that she be awake for this donít you, the Elf said as he gestured to a lone figure Rorin had not noticed standing against the far wall.

Amberly my dear come release her from your sleep, the elf said as Amberly approached the alter.

Amberly smiled at Rorin as she approached the alter, slowly she reached out and touched Kay on the head, always the evil smile upon her face. At her touch, Kayís eyes fluttered open.

Where am I? Kay said as she turned her head from side to side.

Why you are my guest, the dark elf answered.

Kayís face paled as she followed the voice to the dark elf. Rorin watched as Kay struggled against her bonds, he watched as she pushed with all her might only to fail. The fear in Rorin began to grow and grow.

Well my sweet the time has come are you ready to feed? the elf asked

Yes master, Amberly replied.

The dark Elf placed his hands upon Kayís head and Rorin watched as again black power flowed from his hands. The black magic encased Kayís head and she began to scream, louder and louder she screamed. Rorinís heart beat hard in his chest, his mind tore at him to act but his body refused to respond. Again and again Kay screamed, tears fell from Rorinís eyes each time Kay screamed.

The dark elf raised his hands and looked to Rorin, One after another shall your friends lay on this table and one after anther shall I drain their mind from them. Their bodies will live but their mind will be gone, open to what I choose to place there.

The dark elf smiled at Rorin as he turned to Amberly, Well my sweet can you feel his pain, and is your hunger fed?

Yes master, Oh Yes Master I can feel it, it is so sweet, Amberly said as she trembled with glee.

Again the elf lowered his hand upon Kayís head and the black power flowed. Again Kayís screams fill the room.

Anger at his helplessness filled Rorin, more and more it filled his being, and with the anger came power, power that began to fill Rorinís limbs. Rorin reached within and grasped at the power, elusive it was and again Rorin reached, again he grasped at the power that flowed with in him. The power eluded his grasp and as it filled him more and more. Rorin knew that if he did not control this soon he would burst from the power he held.

I feel your power growing little one, the Dark Elf said s he removed his hands from Kay and turned to Rorin. It will do you no good, do you think that one small Paladin could over come my power!

If not one Paladin, then perhaps another would do, a strong voiced sounded out behind Rorin.

The dark elf shuddered as the voice rang out, Who are you! the Dark elf demanded as he back up a step.

I am thy bane dark one, the voice behind Rorin answered. Did thee did say that one Paladin would not over come thee, perhaps two Paladins would be strong enough.

Rorinís mind raced, he knew that voice and hope filled his mind as foot steps sounded behind him.

You! the dark elf said. I do not fear you Lorin, your power is no match for mine.

Perhaps three Paladins would then dark one, a new voice spoke from behind Rorin

The dark elf staggered back another step at the sound of the new voice.

Rorin felt the jolting touch upon his head and he body sagged. The force that had held him evaporated and he fell to the ground. Quickly he jumped to his feet and turned to the voices. Lorin stood over him, his hand aglow with power, and his sword of fire in his other hand. Beside him stood Pankrat, his sword also afire and power emanating from his body.

Think thee three Paladins enough dark one, I think not, Lorin said. Perhaps thee would face mine lord and answer for thy wrongs this day.

The dark Elfís face paled as yet another figure emerged behind Lorin.

We have come to claim that which you have taken Broxx, Dragons said as he stepped up next to Lorin.

You are nothing Dragons, Broxx said as he reached into his robe. I do not fear your power here, this is my domain and I hold sway over all. Broxx pulled his hand from his robe, finger clutched around a black dagger. Guards! Broxx shouted. Doors behind Broxx flew open and dark Elves poured into the room.

Dragons smiled as he spoke, Syndicate prepare!

Behind Dragons figures emerged one after another. Rorin watched as more and more Syndicate members entered the room. Again tears rolled from Rorinís eyes as he recognized some of those that stood near Dragons.

Aveen drew her blades, a smile spread across her face as she stood near Dragons.

Carbunkle and Brollyzeven stood next to Lorin, both with weapons ablaze.

Gruntie, Warleaf, Kilzalot, and Polynice with their blades of blue and red at the ready.

Twisterkahn, Abeil, and merlota behind Dragons, their hands bathed in magical power.

Take them apart, Dragons shouted to his family.

At his word the Syndicate member moved as one. Rorin watched in awe as in moments the Dark Elves began to pile up on the floor. The syndicate moved through the horde of dark elves like water. Rorin turned at the soft touch upon his shoulder. Lady Sumalee stood next to him, with a gentle smile she place one hand upon Rorinís head. Rorin staggered as Sumaleeís healing power flowed through his body. Rorin smiled after Sumalee as she joined Surrina and Kryl who were tending to his fallen friends.

Rorin rushed to Kayís side and began to cut her bonds. Fighting continued all around him as he slashed through each strap.

My hunger will be fed, Amberly shouted as she leaped up from the other side of the alter and dove at Rorin with a knife. Rorin covered Kayís body with his as Amberlyís blade descended towards her heart.

Hold! a soft but strong voice sound out behind Rorin. A flash of light blinded Rorin as he turned towards the sound of the new voice. Rorin rubbed his eyes to clear them and looked up to see Amberly frozen in place, her arm still stretch out to plunge the knife into Kay. At his side Unipeg stood with her hand held out towards Amberly, at her side Jhessail stood, words tumbling from her lips as she reached her hands out to Amberly. Amberly shrieked in pain as Jhessailís hand enclosed her head and spread through out her body. As Jhessail pulled her hand free, Amberly crumbled to the floor.

Rorin looked down into Kayís eyes as he held onto her. He chest rose and fell as he held onto her but her eyes we opened wide.

Kay? Rorin spoke as tears fell from his eyes. Kay please wake up, you are safe now please wake up.

Let me Rorin, Sumalee said taking Kay from Rorinís arms. Gentle Sumalee lowered Kay back down on the alter and began running her hands back and forth over Kayís body. Rorin watched as Sumalee worked her magic, he watched as small cuts disappeared but still her eyes remained open.

How are they? Dragons said from behind Sumalee indicating Kay and Amberly.

Amberly will be ok I should think, but we have a problem with Kay, Sumalee said. Can you ask Tineyatoo to come hear, this needs his touch I would think.

Cumari held onto Rorin as he tried to get to Kay again. He had heard the word from Sumalee and fear again started to form in his heart.

Tineyatoo approached the Alter and quietly spoke with Sumalee, with a nod of his head, Tineyatoo placed both hands upon Kayís head and closed his eyes. Rorin watched as magic began to glow around Tineyatooís hands.

MíLord, Lorin said as he approached Dragons. Broxx has fled and the Elves have sought escape, what more would you have us do?

See that the wounded are tended and let us be gone from this place, Dragons responded. Lorin turned and walked off to carry out Dragons command.

Rorin turned back to watch Tineyatoo and felt his heart sink, Tineyatoo no longer touched Kay, instead he stood in quiet conversation with Sumalee. Rorin looked to Kay, still her eyes remained open and unmoving.

Rorin we must go, Twisterkahn will take Kay but we must get from this place, Dragons said.

Rorin reached out and grabbed Kay and pulled her into his arms, What is wrong with her?

We are unsure Rorin, Sumalee said, concern written on her face. We need to get her to a better place then this.

Come Rorin, you carry her and I shall get us to the keep, Twisterkahn said.

Carefully Rorin picked up Kay, cradling her in his arms he followed Twisterkahn to a cleared area. Unrecognizable words spilled from Twisterkahnís mouth and blue magic poured from his hands, in seconds a portal stood before him.

Lets us leave this place, Dragons shouted. With a raise of his hand, Dragons stepped through the portal, followed by the rest of the Syndicate. Rorin watched as Amberly walked through the portal, her words reaching him as she disappeared, What happened, where am I and what is this place. Broxx had you under his spell, Tineyatoo said as he helped Amberly through the portal You will be fine Amber, in time.

Donít worry Rorin there is always a way and chance, Twisterkahn said. Dragons will not let her die

Rorin nodded at Twisterkahn as he too stepped into the portal, Kay held gently but firmly in his arms.

Twisterkahn wiped at the tear on his check, how would they tell him. How do you tell some one that his love may not be ok, now or ever.

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