"Out with the old, in with the new"

Pain. If one word could describe how he felt, it was Pain. His world filled with the demons ripping his flesh from his very limbs. A voiceless soul screams in agony while the recreation takes place….

A young Dark Elf walks into the church of Innoruk. His eyes filled with fear, he collapses into a pile on the nearest chair. His thoughts indicate a lack of understanding. “What has happened, what am I, where am I?” His thoughts are ended abruptly as a wraith appears and looks the boy up and down.

The boy says, “Who, who are you, what do you want?” The wraith speaks, “My name is Kalamon Eyemericus. I have come for you.” “You’re confused now, only because you know no purpose. Come to me. I am your purpose.” The boy says, “I don’t understand. My name is…was…Agamon Alexander, protector of Felwithe. What has happened?” The wraith hisses, “Do not speak that name again, it has no meaning anymore. He is now just a soulless corpse who is controlled by those who wish to possess him.” The boy questions, “What about me? Who am I? What am I?” The wraith chuckles at the boy and says, “The Lord Innoruk has granted you this new form, by destroying who you used to be.” Suddenly, the pain the boy remembers began to make sense, as did the presence of demons. “You are Kalamon.”

Before the boy has a chance to question what he means, the wraith dissipates and the wind blows open the doors of the church. The walls are ripped away with a force unknown to man. Thoughts of hate, of death overcome his mind…then all goes black.

Several years later…

“Only a few more hours for you to keep watch over the city gates.” says the commander. “Yes sir! I could use a break.”, says the new recruit to his High Elf commander. Clouds form over the marble city and the wins begin to blow. “Looks like a storm is coming.”, says the commander. “I’m heading in.” “Very well sir, good night to you.”, responds the boy.

As the commander walks back into the city, a bolt of lightning strikes in the horizon. The young recruit jumps as the sky fill with light, then goes dark again. A fog begins to form and cuts the visibility down to but a few feet. Words begin to be uttered from the darkness and a chattering can be heard from the night.

“Who goes there!”, shouts the recruit. No answer comes. “Hello! Anyone there?” The boy foolishly steps out into the darkness to investigate, only to find once he steps into the fog his breath begins to leave his body. Clutching at his throat, the recruit panics and tries to run back to the city. A hand comes from no where and knocks the boy down to the ground. A evil laugh is heard as the darkness gives way to the source of the hand…an animated skeleton.

“Back off!”, shouts a voice from the darkness. The skeleton stops his attack and looks back in the darkness. The boy, frozen in fear, and unable to breath, let alone speak, just looks to the darkness to see what he can make out. Two eyes appear from the night, then an outline of a body. His garments were blacker than the night itself, his skin as blue as the moon, but those eyes…. Those eyes were red with hate.

“Relax Kibartik, no need to get physical with this one.”, says the Dark Elf. “I want to watch the pain and suffering strike his body.” The Dark Elf says, “May your death be the beginning of many for your kind and country little one. For I am Kalamon, Necromancer of Innoruk, slayer of the Feir’dal.” Kalamon utters a few words and waves his hand. Kibartik begins cackling in glee when the boy begins to sweat. A heat begins to overcome the boy, which made no sense to him on this cold night. The fog had disappeared and he could breathe again so he began to run back towards the city gates to warn the others. Just before he got to the alarm, the boy fell to the ground and clutched his chest in pain. Between the raising fever that overcame him, and the flutter of his heart, the boy was helpless. He writhed in pain until the last bit of life left his body. Kalamon let loose an evil grin at Kibartik. “Come boy, much fun lies ahead of us. Let’s hope the won’t all be as pathetic as he was.”, chuckles Kalamon. Kibartik cackles and disappears into the night, following his master down the trail of decay.
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