A Nisch Val Guard cocks his head as he hears an odd sound. Drool spills from his lip as he listens intently for the sound again. Sniffing the air and shrugging his shoulders he returns to his post side his master Ishva. Who, unaware of the guard’s observations bustles about the small room casting incantations on himself, his pet and even the obedient guard. The room flickers with tinny torchlight’s that line the walls. A desk and chair are here for his studies into the Necromancy Sciences. He examines his small feeble armed pet and mumbles something about “Bones” before sitting at the desk and examining the day’s logs. The Guards ears perk up once again as the faint sounds of food steeps and soggy feet can be heard. The Guard ponders for a moment, obviously not the smartest of bodyguards, then realizes that that’s the sound of someone exiting the water entrance just out side there hidden room. A pale look crosses his face as he realizes that there is only one exit to this room, and if the mound has been under attack as long as it takes to get to this place, there could be an army out side his door. Now aware that something maybe wrong Ishva stand and bark “Well!?” tapping his foot and looking the guard up and down “Find out what it is fool!”. The guard still lost in his weak assessment of the possible situation before him, rattles his head as if to clear the cobwebs away and marches out the archway. The sound of footsteps as the guard walks away grow faint, the outer door opens, then shuts.

There is a silence that seems to take forever in the mind of Ishva, broken only again by the doors opening and the sound of footsteps growing near. In walks the guard, with a sad look across his face he walks back to he spot next to Ishva. Ishva looks at him in puzzlement “Well, what was it?” he asks. “Nothing” the guard returns in a drone like voice. “BaH!” Ishva barks “You…” he points at the guard as if to reprimand him, before he starts he hears again the faint sounds of footsteps approaching the archway to his room. More slight then the guards they come from the arch and suddenly stop. Ishva’s head now focused on the archway he turns back to the guard. “Did you..” his whispered question stops when he notices from the corner of his eye a strange mist, seeming to spill from midair. Jumping back against his desk he peers intently at where the mist, now dissipated, came from. he rubs his eyes. A light shuffling and a slight breeze as if someone just past by him, sends a chill down his spine as the torchlight’s flicker a little. The eerie silence is broken by a soft deep voice that seems to move from one ear to the other “I have come for you.”. Ishva spins around looking up and down and all around the room, then calms and hunches over, peering at nothing. “Who are you?” he whispers. The voice begins to sing…

“I come for those both young and old” “Those like you that are sick and cold”

“All I seek soon scream and writhe” “I am…”

The voice stops its sultry song as if to tease Ishva into completing it for him. Ishva takes a deep swallow and whispers in a shaky voice “Death?”. Ishva winces as he is hit in the back of the head with a blunt object. Turning dizzily around he sees before him a bard, dressed in blue from head to toe holding in his right hand the small end of a Minotaur’s horn and tapping the large end into his other hand. The scornful look crossing his brow turns quickly into a silly grin as he says, “I’m just the messenger.” Ishva bursts into a fit of anger taking a dizzy swing at the bard who quickly sidesteps his attack and bolts out of the archway. Hot on his heels Ishva snarls and growls as they pass the door and out near the water edge, he’s sure he has him now. His run grinds to a hold as the icy stare of an enormous skeleton meets the back of his skull. Wielding a short sword and dagger, dead at its sides, it stares blankly through him. A necromancer dressed in black stands to his left. He utters no words, just points. As Ishva glances around the room still kind of confused, the sounds of chanting and summoning fill the air. A glow lights the water that reflects into brilliant colors bathing the room in light. As Ishva is torn apart from the following attacks the last thing he hears is that same soft deep voice “oldest trick in the book, gets em every time” follow by several snickers as his lift if snuffed out.
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