"Animal's Tale"

Animal Keeper
Sitting in a tavern smelling of stale ale and chips, the Illustrious Grandmaster Mage AnimalKeeper was wondering of what adventure he might pursue next. Having just returned from a tour of the Dungeon Hyloth, he wondered if he would ever find anything so nerve racking as the Deaomons he had seen. Animal shudders involentarily. Suddenly outside came the thundering of hooves of atleast 10 riders. Instinctively Animal reached into his bag for some regeants. He could hear the sound of footsteps quickly approaching the door. As the door burst open he muttered the words for Kal Vas Flam, but quickly dispelled it as he saw familiar faces leading the way towards him. The look of concern was quite evident in the faces of those that approached him.

"Lord AnimalKeeper, Dragons has requested that you join us immediately for there is an army of warriors and mages attacking Arc Draconis."

"Very well." Said AnimalKeeper to the member of The Syndicate Guard. Here goes another adventure.

Opening a gate to the mystical Island was quickly done and as soon as the men rushed through they were greeted by the largest pack of murderers, theives, and renegades that Animal had ever seen. Swords clashed steel against steel. The cries of men dying and the smell of blood was thick in the air. The air was charged with magical energy as mages on both sides cast their magic. AnimalKeeper spotted a warrior badly hurt fighting bravely against another warrior and quickly cast a healing spell upon him.

Suddenly Animal was hit with an amazingly power bolt of energy. So powerful that he was thrown to the ground and stunned for a moment. "what the…" no time for idle thought. Animalkeeper jumped up and located the mage that was attacking him. It was the murder DoomTrooper. This former Syndicate member was a foul mark on the stone of the Syndicate and orders were put out by Dragons to Kill on Sight.

Thoughts racing through his mind Animal quickly cast heal as fire surrounds him and his fellow companions. With a memories of facing this vicious foe before one on one flashing through his mind AnimalKeeper settle down to protecting himself and started shouting orders to those with enough of a mind to listen. "Princess Poe attack that mage whilst I heal thee!"

Princess Poe quickly dodges arrows and spells cast her way and runs up to the mage and starts to attack. Unfortunatly the brunt of the attack turn towards her it seems. All too soon Princess Poe falls with a moan to the barrage of attacks coming her way.

Suddenly a gate opens just as another arrow pierces AnimalKeeper's leather armor and out of the blue haze rides a figure dressed all in black. If one didn't know better you would think it was death himself that had ridden from the moongate. Upon a solid looking black steed dressed in a pitch black robe strode a warrior of unimaginable power. Sword in one hand and shield in the other the figure's voice rose above the noise of the battle. "Syndicate! Gather round me!" AnimalKeeper limped over with much difficulty. One of his fellow mages cast a heal upon him and another warrior proceeded to place bandages upon his wounds. The man in black was shouting orders to left and right and soon everyone had a task and was reengaging the enemy.

Once again AnimalKeeper sought out DoomTrooper to finish this battle once and for all. The infamous murderer was all to eager to fight. Spell after spell they cast at each other till alas the AnimalKeeper fell to the dirt. Too concern about loot to notice, DoomTrooper didn't see the dark shadow racing towards him. With one final swing of his mighty sword the man in black known as Dragons felled the violent murderer.

Finally the battle was over and the enemy was dispatched. Bodies lay strewn about like ragdolls. Once again Arc Draconis was saved from the evil that runs rampant in Britannia. Long Live The Syndicate!
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