"Kyser Chronicles"


Kyser stood in the shadows watching his friend Azifar and Malco speak. He looked down to see Zephy and this new child walk off into the distance.

Kyser heard about this new child but knew nothing about him. He was not sure of Lord Dragonís purpose for sparing this childís life, but he knew Lord Dragons had his reason for doing this.

Kyser remembered back to the day before, when the Orcs attacked. Kyser grinned at how Demandred took out the Orcs, the fight he started by the command of Lord Dragons, Kyser was at his Druid Guildmaster when it started...

"Master, my training is progressing very well, but I don't know about this specializing thing. I mean, what should I do?" Kyser said.

His guild master responded, "Kyser, you have learned much. Quicker and better then I though you would learn it. You are a fine Druid. You have pleased our mother greatly. You will know what to do when the time comes. When you are ready, you will know when to come back for your last bit of training with me."

"But master," Kyser pleaded.

"Shhhh, be quiet, something is happening, and it is not good, not good at all."

His master spoke quickly and quietly, "Kyser, you are needed now. Go, you must protect mother Tunares precious lives. We are being attacked."

"What?" Kyser asked with a look of shock. "Attack?? How?"

"There is no time to explain. Go, protect the woods and the city and by all means, protect the animals."

"Yes sir." Kyser turned to leave and began to chant some words, as he did, he began to float into the air. He ran out and jumped off the edge of the platform from the city. As he floated to the ground, he bent over morphing into a Wolf. Kyser ran into the trees and called upon his pets and friends.

Kyser heard fighting and turned towards it. He saw his good friend Azifar fighting something.

"A Dark Elf?" he mumbled.

He stepped closer and quickly jumped back, just barely missing the lighting bolt that hit the ground in front of him. He looked around and saw Azifar with a grin of his face. Kyser smiled and thought to himself,

"Ah I see Azifar is playing with his prey again..." Kyser turned and ran towards the city.

As Kyser came to the city, he saw the Orcs who were attacking. Kyser quickly called on his pets to report to him and how there side was doing. He received reports that the city was losing. Not good Kyser though. He heard the sounds of bones clanging together. He looked back to see undead raising from the ground; a look of shock crossed his face. He then saw Demandred and saw his smile on his face and Kyser knew the city would be fine.

As Kyser turned, an Orc hit him. How dare he do that, he thought to himself. He turned to face the Orc.

"You WILL regret doing that you bastard, you just signed your death wish."

The Orc grunted.

Kyser called for his pet to come aid him, like he would really need the aid, but he did this to even the odds, the odds for himself. Kyser looked past the Orc and watched his Kodiak walk up behind the Orc. The Orc stared at Kyser. Kyser grinned to himself.

"NOW!!!" he shouted.

The Orcs eyes opened wide as it fell to the ground, dead. Kyser was saddened. One swift swipe from his pet dropped this weak Orc.

"Damn, I didnít event get a shot on him." Kyser sighed.

He looked up and saw 3 Orc running to him. All 3 were shouting. "Orc centurions, come to aid our battle."

Kyser laughed to himself and watched as his pets came out of the shadows and surrounded these Orcs. He stood up on his hind legs morphing back into his Elven form and walked around these trapped Orcs. He grinned looking at them. He stepped back and started chanting some words, his finger flickering with raw energy and power. The Orcs looked at each other puzzled. All of a sudden, wind rushed from on side, Lighting shot down from the sky engulfing one of the Orcs, killing him in one hit. The wind picked up; water rained down turning into ice from the wind. The wind rushed at an ever-raging speed, slamming into the Orc, the ice following ripping the flesh off the Orc throwing his remains everywhere. The last Orc, before he knew it, was dead also, the land shooting out from the ground engulfing him and bathed the Orc in fire. The Orcs charred remains fell to the ground. Kyser smiled and lowered his hands, the elements of nature, the fury, calming down to the way it was.

Kyser looked at his handy work and saw the dead Orcs and grinned.

"Never, ever, mess with the natures fury. Its rage will rip you apart before you can blink." He turned just in time to see Zephy in the distance running off with a small child on his back....


Kyser, hearing a twig break, snapped back into reality. A soft gentle hand rested upon his shoulder. A soft gentle voice spoke from behind him.

"So, thatís the child Lord Dragons wanted." Nylian said.

"Yes my love, that is him. I don't understand why though. He is not Syndicate material. He doesnít have the courage or the strength." he replied quietly.

"Maybe not now, but Lord Dragons has his reasons for wanting him, we must trust his words."

"I know, but I just don't understand" he replied.

Kyser gently grabbed his wifeís hand and gave her a gentle hug. He looked back to his friends, Azifar and Malco. He looked at his wife.

"Lets go."

Kyser and Nylian walked up to Malco and Azifar. Kyser grinned and shook their hands.

"Hello my friends...."

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